Board Sharing via QR Code


We've made it easier to get everyone in the room on the same board! When you're in a meeting or hashing out a brainstorming session, you can now generate a QR code to quickly share the board link with everyone.

  1. Click the Share dialog in the board.
  2. Check that the board is set to "Anyone with the link" and choose the board access role you want for new participants (Editor, Reviewer, Viewer).
  3. Click on show QR code from the Invite tab
  4. Have everyone in the room scan the code and you're done!

QR Codes and iPhones

iPhone users can now directly scan QR codes via the Chrome app. Just make sure the Chrome app is updated to the latest version. Then, you can access the scanner in two ways:

  1. 3D Touch the Chrome app icon and choose Scan QR Code.
  2. Pull down to reveal the Spotlight search box, search for "QR" (make sure it's upper case!) and select Scan QR Code from Chrome's listing.
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