Boards and Projects: Rights Management and Access


Accessing a Board

The right to access a board is granted by:

  • Letting someone know the URL

  • Inviting someone via the 'Share' board dialogue to the board

  • Adding someone as a pro user to the project the board is in 


If a board is protected by a passphrase the participant must provide it when:

  • the participant doesn’t have an account

  • the participant is not logged in

  • the participant is logged in but wasn’t explicitly invited via the 'Share' board dialogue (e.g. they are accessing the board via its URL)

In all cases when someone explicitly invites a user as a board participant within the 'Share' board dialogue, the user doesn’t need to provide the passphrase.

Accessing a Project

  • Full access (pro user was added as a participant to the project):

    • All boards and participants are visible.

  • Limited access (user was added to at least one board that is inside a project): 

    • Visible:

      • Boards with allowed access

      • Project owner, project creation date, last change date
      • Participants only on a board with allowed access
    • Not visible:

      • Project participants

      • Boards without allowed access

Working with a Board

When a board is shared the board owner can set different board access roles which determine the rights and thus possibilities a given participant has on the board.

Click here for all information about the Board Access Roles and their rights.

Only board owners may delete a board. All other participants may leave a board, and the board will no longer be visible or accessible. In case the user is a participant of a project, the user may not leave individual boards within the project, but can leave the entire project via the project settings tab.

Working with a Project 

Project’s owner (creator) allowed actions:

  • Change the project’s passphrase

  • Delete the project

  • Remove participants from project


Full project participants allowed actions:

  • Changing the project’s name

  • Adding further project participants

  • Removing self from project


Project participants with limited access (access to some boards):

  • Move a board to the project 

  • Remove a board from a project 

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