Boards and projects: rights managements and access


Accessing a Board

The right to access a board is granted by:

  • Letting someone know the URL

  • Inviting someone via the 'Share' board dialogue to the board

  • Adding someone as a pro user to the project the board is in 


  • Board passphrase:

    • In case a board is protected by a passphrase, then a participant must provide it when:

      • the participant doesn’t have an account

      • the participant is not logged in

      • the participant is logged in and but the participant wasn’t explicitly invited via the 'Share' board dialogue (ie. they are accessing the board via its URL)

In all cases when someone explicitly invites a user as a board participant within the 'Share' board dialogue, the user doesn’t need to provide the passphrase.

  • Project passphrase:

    • If you apply a passphrase to a project, all boards created in the project automatically require the passphrase. You can not create an individual passphrase for a board inside a project, you can only create a passphrase for the entire project. A passphrase may be applied to individual boards that do not exist within a project. 

Accessing a Project

  • Full access: pro user was added as a participant to the project:

    • All boards and participants are visible.

  • Limited access: user was added to at least one board that is inside a project:

    • The project folder will be visible in the boards overview -  and the user may open the project to access the allowed board(s).

    • Not Visible:

      • Boards without allowed access

      • Project participants

    • Visible:

      • Boards with allowed access

      • Participants on boards with allowed access

      • Project owner, project creation date, last change date

Working with a Board

Editing the board’s content is possible for all participants that have access to the board, unless collaborative editing has been disabled by the board’s owner. The following actions are always possible for all participants that can access a board:

  • Adding, editing, and deleting content within the board

  • Changing the board’s name

  • Inviting other participants via dialog or sharing the board’s link

  • Downloading attachments

  • Link to Google Drive or Salesforce Chatter (if accounts are connected--not applicable on dedicated instances where these options are turned off)

  • Duplicating the board, in which case the user becomes the owner of the copied board


Only board owners may delete a board. All other participants may leave a board, and the board will no longer be visible or accessible. In case the user is a participant of a project, the user may not leave individual boards within the project, but can leave the entire project via the project settings tab. The following actions are only possible for the board’s owner:

  • Toggle collaborative editing setting

  • Delete the board

  • Change the board’s passphrase (only applicable for individual boards not in a project, see passphrases section for clarification)

Working with a Project 

Project’s owner (creator) allowed actions:

  • Change the project’s passphrase

  • Delete the project

  • Remove participants from project


Project participants (explicitly added) allowed actions:

  • Changing the project’s name

  • Adding further project participants

  • Removing self from project


Participants with limited access (access to some boards):

  • Move a board to the project 

  • Remove a board from a project 

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