Text Chat


Each board includes it's own text chat box. The text chat is available for all users on a board, meaning both logged in users and guests.

How to Chat on the Board


Click the Chat icon located at the top right of your board in the collaboration toolbar. It is the icon showing to speech bubbles.

Receiving New Messages

When your chat box is minimized, a bubble will pop up and blink to let you know there are new messages. Each time a new message arrives, you will also hear a bell sound. 


You can minimize the chat window by clicking on the chat icon at the top right once again, or by clicking the 'x' displayed at the top of the chat box.

Clearing the Chat


You can clear the board chat whenever you want. Click on the bin icon displayed at the top of the chat box to delete the entire chat conversation. Be aware this is permanent.

Note: Clearing the chat will clear the chat on the board for all users. So double check with everyone first before clicking the link.

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