How to set up Conceptboard for your Chatter Team (Salesforce)

Setting up Conceptboard for your Chatter team is easy and quick. You can share all boards with groups on Salesforce Chatter to increase your team's productivity!

Connecting Salesforce to Conceptboard

In order to use Salesforce with Conceptboard, you must first connect your Salesforce account. Access the Edit Profile tab via your Accounts page and then go to the Connected Services section. Click on the Salesforce button and follow the steps to log into your account. Once it has been connected, the toggle next to Salesforce will be set to On.


Linking your Boards to Chatter

Creating a post in Chatter via Conceptboard will save a specific board in the post to your Chatter group. When in a specific board, click on the Board menu in the top toolbar and select Connected services, and then choose Salesforce Chatter. 

Select which Chatter group your post will be directed to within Salesforce. Click on the Post button next to the name of the group and the post will be automatically created.

The selected group will receive the initial link to the board and also the updates that are posted automatically as the work on the board progresses.


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