Trello Integration


The challenge with task management software is that they often lack visual context. To help with this challenge we are introducing an integration with Trello.

This integration will allow users to link their tasks that are organized in Trello with their visual designs, annotations, and mockups in Conceptboard.

Getting Started

First, do you have a Trello account? If yes, then you will first need to connect your Trello account to your Conceptboard account (see below).

If you do not have a Trello account, you will need to create one first. 

Connecting your Accounts

This link will have you login to your Conceptboard account and then afterwards request your permission to link your Trello account.

You can also connect your Trello account via your Edit profile tab from your Account page. Under the Connected service section, click on the Trello button and follow the steps to log into your account. Once it has been connected, the toggle next to Trello will be set to On.


Create a Trello Card

Once the accounts are linked, you can open any board and create a comment. When you type "#" into a comment, a menu of your Trello boards will appear. Select which board you would like the card to be created.

Please note, all cards will be created in the first list of the Trello board that you have selected.

The name of the card will always be the first entry in the Conceptboard comment. If the hashtag was added in a later entry further in the conversation, this entry will be added to the Trello card as a comment. 

All cards created in Trello from a Conceptboard comment include a link to its location in the board. Navigate easily back to where the visual context of the task is located.

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