Google Drive Integration


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Connect your Google Drive Account

You will first need to connect your Google account to Conceptboard via your Edit profile tab from your Account page. Under the Connected service section, click on the Google button and follow the steps to log into your account. Once it has been connected, the toggle next to Google will be set to On.

Note: Once accounts are connected, you can log in to the app with your Google sign in credentials or your email address.

Opening Files from Google Drive in Conceptboard

In just a few steps, you can open all of your Google Drive files in Conceptboard. First make sure you have integrated the Conceptboard app in your Google Drive account:

  1. While in Google Drive, right-click on any file and choose connect more apps.
  2. Search for the Conceptboard app and install it. Make sure to leave Conceptboard as the default viewer for board files. Make sure to allow access to your Google account, and to your Google Drive files.
  3. Now you can right-click on any file and choose open with Conceptboard.

And that’s it! Your file is automatically added to a board and ready for feedback. 

Creating a Board from your Google Drive Account

You can directly create a board from your Google Drive account by clicking on the "New" button and then choosing Conceptboard as the document type.

Linking Boards to Google Drive

You can also link boards back to your Drive folder. When you’re in a board, click on the Board menu in the top toolbar, select Connect Services, and choose Google Drive.


You’ll then see your current Drive folder structure: choose the folder where you’d like to save the board link by clicking on the Save button. You can link boards to more than one folder.

Linked Boards are now searchable

You can search linked boards directly from Google Drive. Text you have added to a board as a sticky note, text box (shape), or comment will show up in the search results.

Google Drive Permissions

Why do we ask for separate Google Drive permissions? 

We require the metadata to be able to read the list of folders in Google Drive for when a user wants to link a Conceptboard back to their Google Drive account. 


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