Conceptboard is all about efficiency. Therefore, keyboard shortcuts have been set in place for you to continue your workflow with no distraction. 

Accessing the Shortcuts Menu

You can find a menu of all shortcuts by clicking on the Open Shortcuts option via the Help menu in the top toolbar.



space: Browse mode (hold and drag)
+ / -: Zoom in/out 
1: Zoom to 100%
0: Zoom to fit the page
cmd + z: Undo last step
cmd + y: Redo last step
esc: Abort action
↑, →, j; Jump to next element
↓, ←, k: Jump to previous element



m: Move
s: Select
p: Pen
x: Highlighter
u: Rectangle
o: Ellipse
l: Line
c: Comment
h: Headline
t: Text block
n: Sticky note

Element Actions

Some of these shortcuts only apply to selected items.

ctrl + x: Cut
ctrl + c: Copy
ctrl + v: Paste
ctrl + g: Group elements
ctrl + Shift + g: Ungroup
del, backspace: Delete element(s)
↑, →, ↓, ← : Move element(s) around


Note: Hover over any icons in your toolbar to get the shortcut of that icon. 

Would you like specific shortcuts to use on your boards? Please let us know about them.

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