Conceptboard is all about efficiency. Therefore, keyboard shortcuts have been set in place for you to make your workflow as effortless and fast as possible. 

Accessing the Shortcuts Menu


You can find a menu of all shortcuts by clicking on the Open Shortcuts option via the Help menu in the top toolbar.




space: Browse mode (hold and drag)
+ / -: Zoom in/out 
1: Zoom to 100%
0: Zoom to fit the page
cmd + z: Undo last step
cmd + y: Redo last step
esc: Abort action
↑, →, j; Jump to next element
↓, ←, k: Jump to previous 
[shift] Tool modifier
cmd + f: Search in board


m: Move
s: Select
p: Pen/ Scribble
x: Highlighter
u: Rectangle
o: Ellipse
l: Line
c: Comment
t: Text block
n: Sticky note

Element Actions

Some of these shortcuts only apply to selected items.

cmd + x: Cut
cmd + c: Copy
cmd + v: Paste
alt + b: Toggle board sections
cmd + g: Group elements
cmd + Shift + g: Ungroup
del, backspace: Delete element(s)
↑, →, ↓, ← : Move element(s) around
[shift] + ↑, →, ↓, ← : Move element(s) faster
enter: switch to text editing
tab + [shift] + enter: Ecit text editing


 Shift  applies to many functions. You can find a list below: 

Alignment: when moving a shape, holding Shift disables auto alignment
Highlighter/ Pen: Holding Shift will create a straight line when drawing
Rotation: when rotating an element, holding Shift disables autosnap
Scaling: Hold Shift while scaling keeps the aspect ratio of the shape
Selection: A single pinned element can be selected either by double click or by holding Shift + single click: a single pinned element can be selected
Shapes: Hold Shift and drag creates a shape with a 1:1 aspect ratio
Movement: Hold Shift + arrow keys moves the shape faster when it is selected, except when text options are activated
Text: Shift + Enter will finish the text editing and deselect the text box
Zoom Tool: When the ZOOM tool is selected, holding Shift is changing the zoom to “zoom out”
You can hold Shift and use the trackpad scroll/mouse wheel to pan around the board. If you prefer to pan around the board, you can change the default zoom behaviour for a board. Uncheck the "Scroll to zoom" in the zoom menu. By default you will now pan around the board, and you will have to press [shift] to zoom.

Note: Hover over any icons in your toolbar to get the shortcut of that icon. 

Would you like specific shortcuts to use on your boards? Please let us know about them. 

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