How to Rotate and Group Items


How to Rotate 

You can easily rotate items on your board which have the wrong orientation. When an item is selected, a handle is shown in the bottom right of a rotatable element. By dragging it, you can move the item the way you want.


How to Group Items together

You can quickly select multiple items together when you are using the Select tool. Click outside of the items you would like to select, and drag your mouse to create a square around the items. A grey outline will surround all the items that are selected.

You can also click on one item, hold down Shift on your keyboard, and then select the other items.

Once the items have been selected, click on the 'group' icon located in the floating toolbar or right click and select 'group'.


Grouped items can still be edited or copied. For instance, if a text box or comment is part of a grouped object, you are still able to edit the text within each box.

How to Ungroup Items 

To ungroup items, select the grouped item and either right click and select "ungroup" or click on the 'ungroup' icon in the floating toolbar. 



Flipping Content

Flip shapes with your cursor: Click the resize handle and move it to the opposite direction. The text within in the shape will keep its direction.


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