Scale, Resize, Crop, and Slice Images


Want to edit an image after you inserted it into one of your boards? You can easily scale, resize, crop, or slice any inserted image.

Scale and Resize an Image


When inserting an image or screenshot into your boards, you can easily scale it by clicking on the Set image scale icon in your top toolbar. You can also resize the image yourself by grabbing the corner squares of the selected image and dragging in or out.

Crop an Image

To crop an image, grab the rectangle shown when the item is selected and drag until you've cropped the image to the size that you want.

You can always restore the image to its original size by grabbing the sides back out to their original point.

Slice an Image

The slice tool allows you to create a copy of a specific section of an image. Choose the Slice tool by clicking on the drop down of the Select tool and then select the portion of the image you want to copy.

Click on duplicate image selection and the specific area of the image will be copied. You can edit this newly created item as well.


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