Set up your Conceptboard Education License


The process to set up a new Conceptboard Education license is fast and easy. Check out the pricing and the benefits for an education license. We offer one plan for education that includes a 3 month trial. 

Setting up your Conceptboard Account 

To begin the trial, you have to create an account first. You will then be asked to create a Team name and define the link for your customized start page. You can also directly invite colleagues by entering their email address.

Note: You can invite users once the account is set up as well. 

You can directly start using your free trial. You will receive an activation email. Click on the link in this email to activate your account, in order to receive notifications via email. 

Customizing your Account

As an Administrator, your Account page will show you all details regarding your profile and your team's account. The Account page is located in the bottom left hand side of your Home page or in the drop down menu where your name is located in the top right.

You will have additional tabs within this page to better manage your team's information. The first two tabs are for your personal account and the last three tabs are for the team account. 

Account Overview 

You can review your license details in the Overview tab. Here is where you can see at a glance the number of users in the account, the payment option, and the billing period.

You will also be able to see the collaborators that are in your Users page and the details of the features that you have as a professional user.  

Edit Profile

The Edit Profile tab is the same for all users. Here, you can upload a profile picture and include some information about yourself. You can also set the language preference and change the frequency of your board alerts. You can also connect multiple accounts to use with our app integrations.

Plan & Payment

As an Administrator, you can see your account information, update your payment information, and delete or downgrade your account through this tab. You will also see how long you have until your trial ends. If you do not update your payment method after your trial ends, the team account will automatically be paused. 


In the Invoices tab, you will find all your current and past invoices. 

To provide your VAT number, select your country in the drop down menu before providing your Value Added Tax ID number. This only applies to businesses located in the European Union.

If you need to send invoices to an additional email address within your school, you may add it in the invoice email field. 

Customize Account 

As an Administrator, you can change the name of your team, change the branding colors, and add or remove the team logo.   

Student Registration Code

You can define the student registration code that your students will have to use to be able to register. 

The specific branding of your Conceptboard account will also be visible on your personal login page (accessible with your subdomain).


Invite Your Colleagues to your Conceptboard Education License

In your Conceptboard Team or School license, as the Administrator, you can directly invite other teachers – your colleagues – to your license. Click on the Invite Users button on your Home or Users page.

Once the dialog box opens up, click on the Teachers tab. Insert the email address of your colleagues and write a personal message if you would like. Then click the Send invitation(s) button and your colleagues will get an invitation via e-mail to Conceptboard.

They will be listed as team members on your Users page with the options to resend the activation e-mail or to delete the account (e.g. when a colleague has left the institution).

Invite Your Students to Your Conceptboard Education License

The student registration in Conceptboard is easy and time-saving. Just assign a specific registration code to your Conceptboard license in the Customize Account tab (e.g. EDUCATION2016).

There are two ways for Students to be able to register themselves:

  1. Providing them with your specific Conceptboard subdomain (e.g. myschool.conceptboard.com) and click on the Create a new account button.
  2. Sending them an email invitation via the Invite users button from your Home or Users page. Make sure to choose the Student tab and type in the correct email address, then click on the Send invitation(s) button. 


They will then register with their email address, name, and the student registration code which you have given to them beforehand. By clicking the Create account button, the system will automatically assign them to your Conceptboard license and they will be listed in your Users page as students. 

It is important to note that students only have access to the information in their own Conceptboard profile and not to the personal information of other students or teachers.

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