Using Projects with Colleagues and Students


If you work with your colleagues or students on Conceptboard, you may want to share several boards with them. You can create projects to gather all related boards in one area. 

Create a Project

There is no limit to the number of boards that can be in a project. Create new projects by clicking on the 'Create a project' button in your left side panel. 

Add Project Participants

When you enter the project, you can manage a list of participants of your project. This functionality is available for team members (your colleagues) but not for students.

Being a participant means:

  • Having access to all boards inside the project
  • Having access to all new boards that someone creates or moves in a project

You may add new participants by the '+ Project members' button, located on the top right. Start typing a name and select them from the drop down menu.

Note: You can remove a project member's access to a specific board within a project via the board access management.

Limited Access


A user will have limited project access when only a board that is inside the project has been shared with them. The project folder will be visible in their 'Boards' page, shown with a 'limited project access' icon, located on the top left of the project.      

Inside a project, they will be able to see:

  • Boards that have been shared with them
  • Boards where they are @mentioned
  • Boards where they have tasks assigned to them
  • Other users in boards with allowed access
  • Project owner, project creation date, last change date

They will not see project members or other boards that they do not have access to.  

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