Supported Browsers

List of Supported Browsers

Conceptboard works best with most modern standard compliant browsers. Compatible browsers include the current versions of:

We recommend using the Chrome browser to view boards on your tablet, instead of the internal/default browser. Ensuring you are using the proper browser while on your tablet will improve your experience and usability on the board.

Note: Even the publisher does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 any more since 17th August 2021.

Feature Differences in Supported Browsers

We try to ensure that all Conceptboard features are available across all of our supported browsers. That said, due to technical reasons, there are currently a few features not available in all supported browsers. Please see below for an overview of the differences.

Watching and Joining Video Conferences

Check out all details in the article Board video conference.

  Chrome Firefox Edge IE Safari
Watching and joining video conferences on a board   1,3  

Internet Explorer users need to install the Opentok IE plugin in order to watch or join video conferences on a board.

Using the Clipboard / Copy and Paste function on a Board

  Chrome Firefox Edge Safari IE
Pasting text and tables from other applications (not Conceptboard) 1  
Pasting screenshots and images from other applications    
Copy and paste elements between Conceptboard boards         

 Support for pasting text into boards is limited in Safari, inserting tables is not supported in this browser.

Inserting Content from the Web

Check out all details in the article How to add content.

  Chrome Firefox Edge IE Safari
Drag & drop images from other websites into the board 1   1 
Inserting content via browser extension 2        

In Safari and Edge you need to use two separate windows when dragging in images from the web, using separate tabs won't work.

If you're working a lot with screenshots from websites, we recommend using our free Full Page Screenshot extension for Google Chrome

3 Microsoft is ending its support for Internet Explorer 11 on the 17th of August 2021 - so will Conceptboard


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