How to Remove a Single User from your Team

Only an administrator can remove a user from a professional account.

To downgrade a user or delete a user, go to your My team page and click on the dotted icon located next to the user you wish to remove from your account.


Click on the "Remove from team" button to see further options (it will not immediately delete the user): 


You will see the following information: Name, email address, when the user was added, and the number of boards the user is currently working on. 


If you delete a user:

  • All their private boards will be deleted!
  • All boards that have been shared and accessed by other internal users as an editor will have ownership transferred to an editor. If there are multiple internal users who are editors on a board, the first one who accessed the board as an internal user editor will receive the board upon deletion and will become the new owner. If there wasn't any other internal user editor on the board, the board will be deleted permanently.
  • Any comments or annotations they made on other people's boards will still exist, as Name (Deleted User).
  • User deletion is permanent and can not be undone. 

When deleting a user, please make sure, that you have access to all of the content that you need. Please confirm, that another internal user of your team can inherit the board ownerships by being an editor of those boards. 


If you downgrade a user:

  • The user will be downgraded to a free non-commercial license and removed from your team.
  • The user will retain ownership of any boards they have created.
  • User can still access any boards that have been shared with them.
  • User will have to re-invited users to shared board of which he/she is the owner.
  • All professional features will be disabled on their account.  
  • The user can then join another team or create their own team. 


Offboarding when Single Sign-On (SSO) is activated

Please note the following when SSO is activated for your team: as soon as a user is removed from your AD group, they no longer have access to their Conceptboard account. Therefore, it is important to follow all offboarding procedures as described above before removing the user from your AD group.

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