Table of Project Access by User Role

You can assign Access Roles (Editor, Reviewer, and Reader) to all participants within a project. The roles that are assigned on a project level define the user's access roles for all the project's boards.

By being the owner of the project, you will become an Editor in all created boards within a project. A user can also have limited access to the project by being participant of only one board within the project which will not make this user a project participant. 

Please note: The Access Role that a participant of a specific board has 'overwrites' the rights the user receives from their project membership. E.g. a project member with project access 'Reader' can be 'Editor' of some of the boards within the project. Or an 'Editor' of a project can be restricted to be only 'Reviewer' of a specific board within the project. Even hiding a board within a project from a project member is possible, by removing the participant from the specific board.

 Action Project Owner Project
See the project in the sidebar project list  
See the project in boards overview ✓  ✓   ✓ ✓ 
Create a new board in the project  
Moving boards to the project  2
Moving boards from the project into another one ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓   ✓
See and access all boards in the project 3 3 3  3  
See all project members  
Add members to the project      
Change users' project membership roles      
Remove members from project      
Rename project      
Archiving and un-archiving projects       
Delete project        
Leave project    
Change project owner        


If you have only been invited to a particular board and not to a project, you have limited access to that project and the project is not shown in your sidebar.

Users can only move boards into a project, if they have access to it.  

Project members can still be removed from specific boards in a project.

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