How to take screenshots on Win & Mac


There are plenty of possibilities to take screenshots on Windows and Mac. The following article describes the most important keyboard shortcuts, that...

  1. ...are available without installing any additional software, and...
  2. ...copy the screenshot into the operation systems's clipboard, so you can quickly paste it into other apps and you don't need to save it to a file.

If you are often taking screenshots from websites, we recommend our free Full Page Screenshot extension for Google Chrome.

If you want to learn how to insert screenshots that you have taken, check out our article on how to work with clipboard content.

Taking screenshots on Windows

Taking a screenshot on Windows

Full screen to Clipboard

PrtSc (Print Screen)

Active window to Clipboard

Alt + PrtSc 

Taking screenshots on MAC

Taking a screenshot on Mac

Full screen to Clipboard

Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 3 

Selected area to Clipboard:

Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4 and drag mouse to specific area wanted

Further Tips for Mac Users

When using the Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4 command, there are further shortcuts that you can try out to capture exactly what you want. Try out these 6 commands yourself:

Hold Spacebar key when using a Mac Press Spacebar to change your mouse to camera mode to capture an entire window.
Press and hold the Option key when taking a screenshot with a Mac Press and hold Option to select the specific area you want by starting from the center.
Hold Spacebar to move the highlighted area Press and hold Spacebar to move the selected area exactly where you need it to be.
Hit the Escape key to use your mouse cursor To use your mouse cursor again, press Escape to get out of screenshot mode.
Hold the Shift key down to lock vertically or horizontally Press & hold Shift to lock the vertical or horizontal position to take a more precise screenshot.
Hold Shift and Spacebar keys to lock vertically and horizontally Press & hold Shift and Spacebar to lock the vertical or horizontal position and move the highlighted selection.


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