How to Refer a Friend as a Basic User


As a basic user, you have all of the basic features that you need to work in Conceptboard. 

For all professional features, you can upgrade your account.

Basic Features 

You can find a list of your basic features in the Overview tab in your Account page. 

You also have a limited board space of 50 square meters. To see how much available board space you have left, click on your Home page or your Overview tab on the Account page.

Getting Professional Features as a Basic User

It is possible to get 2 professional features as a basic user. Refer a friend to receive video chat and the moderator mode.

You can also gain extra board space. For each user that signs up via your invitation link, you will receive 5m² of additional board space with a maximum of 100m². 

How can I refer a friend?

To refer a friend, all you have to do is invite them to join Conceptboard. You can refer a friend in two ways, by sending them an invitation link via email or copy and pasting your personal invitation link.

Invitation Link 

Click on the Invite users button located either on the right hand side in your Home page or the right hand side of your Users page.

Once the dialog box opens, enter as many email addresses as you would like by separating them with commas. Then click on the Send invitation(s) button. 

You can also visit the Overview tab on your Account page and send an invite to your friend directly from there. 

Share your Personal Link

You can share your personal invitation link and share it via your social media. Find your link in the Invite users button or directly in the Overview tab on your Account page. 


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