Adding Company Logo, Welcome Banner, and Colors

There are several ways to adapt the look of Conceptboard to the branding of your company. We think this is an important feature especially when working with clients and freelancers. 

Only users with a Professional, Enterprise, or Education license are able to implement custom branding and colors.

An Administrator can make these changes to the company account. To access these settings click on your Customize Account tab under the Account page.


An Administrator can:

  • Add a company logo (visible to team users on logged in app pages)
  • Add a welcome banner (visible to guests and users on board welcome pages)
  • Change the team name (visible in email alerts, on board invitation pages)
  • Change the header and button colors (pick a color or enter a hex code value)

Upload your Logo and Welcome Banner

To add a logo or welcome banner:

  1. Click on "upload a logo" or "upload a welcome banner"
  2. Choose a file
  3. Click "Save all changes"

To remove a logo or welcome banner:

  1. Click on "upload a logo" or "upload a welcome banner"
  2. Check the "remove..." box
  3. Click "Save all changes"

Suggested image sizes

The logo should be a PNG file with at least 80px in height, ideally with a transparent background. 

The welcome banner should be a PNG file with a transparent background. The max display width will be 720px. 

Places Where Your Logo and Welcome Banner Are Shown

You should upload your company logo as soon as you have created your account. The logo shows up on all the main app pages for your logged in users, for example on the boards overview and home page. 

Boards Overview for Team Users


Board Welcome Banner

The welcome banner is shown to guests and users on the board welcome page, as well as custom subdomain login pages. 


Try setting a temporary welcome banner for events!


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