Archiving Boards and Projects


Archiving allows you to remove old or completed work from your boards overview page without losing it forever. Board archiving is available to all our users while project archiving is only available to all our professional users. 

Project and Board Archiving

With the Project and Board archiving function, users can keep a list of all their active projects in their boards overview, and preserve older content in the archive. Archiving a project or a board makes it read-only and removes it from your boards overview. 

How to Archive a Board


Access your Board Settings by either hovering over the board in the Boards page and clicking on the Settings icon or by clicking in the Board menu while in a board, and selecting Settings.  

Once the Settings has opened, click on the 'Archive' button at the bottom of the dialog box. Your board will then be moved to the Archive and you will no longer see it in your Boards page.

Please note, you can only archive a board if you are the owner of the board or an Editor

How to Archive a Project 


Access the Project Settings by hovering over the Project icon in the Boards page or by clicking on the Settings button while in the project. Once the Project settings has opened, click on the 'Archive' button located at the bottom of the dialog box. 

Note: You must be the owner of the project to archive it. 

Archive Page

To see all of your archived boards or projects, click on the Archive button in the left side panel of your Home page or Boards page.

You have the same functions in the Archive page as you do in the Boards page.

You can easily search all archived content by using the search bar or by sorting your archived boards and projects into 3 categories:

  • All: all boards and projects you can access
  • Owned by me: only the boards and projects you have created
  • Shared with me: only the boards and projects that have been shared with you

You can also view your archived boards and projects in various ways. Click on the drop down menu in the top right corner and choose between viewing all content by last modified or in alphabetical order. With those two options, you can then view your boards as a list or as tiles. 

How to Un-Archive a Board or Project


If you would like to view a board that is archived, you can click on the board in the Archive page and view it as a Reader. To make any edits or changes to the boards, you will first need to un-archive it.

Hover over the board or project icon in the list of your archived items, and click on the settings icon. You will then be able to choose to un-archive the item by clicking on the Un-Archive button located at the bottom of the dialog box. The board or project will disappear from the Archive page and reappear in the Boards page. 

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