Embed Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud files


Conceptboard lets you embed Youtube/Vimeo videos and Soundcloud audios directly into a board! 

To get started, go to the Insert Tab and click on Embed Video/Audio.

You can insert video clips from Youtube and Vimeo, and audio clips from Soundcloud. Then copy the full video url, paste it into the dialogue box and click "embed". You can also click and drag your url directly into the board.

To play a video simply hover over the image preview and click PLAY. Don't worry if you're working with other participants in the board - clicking PLAY does not automatically play the video for all board participants. You can now use the SPACEBAR  to pause and start the video.

If you want to use the SPACEBAR shortcut to move around on the board, simply click outside the video first, and you'll be able to use the SPACEBAR shortcut to move around the board again.

To re-size the video, switch to the select tool, and then drag a selection rectangle frame around the entire video. You can now re-size and move the video. The same steps also apply to when you wish to delete a video. To do this, please click DELETE or BACKSPACE.

Check out the video above to see how to add, resize, and delete videos in the board.

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