Dropbox Integration

How to Add Files from Dropbox in your Boards

The integration is available for both pro and basic Conceptboard users. With a few simple clicks in the board, you can directly add images and documents that are stored in your Dropbox basic, pro, and Dropbox for Business accounts. 


To add a file from Dropbox into the board, click on the Plus (+) button in the upper left hand corner of the board.


Then, click the toggle button next to Dropbox. Then click on 'Import from Dropbox' to bring up the Dropbox file chooser. You’ll be able to select files and photos from your Dropbox account in a new popup window. You may have to login to your Dropbox account first.

If you're using the new integration from a laptop or desktop computer, the file chooser will open up as a new pop-up window. You can also use the Dropbox integration from a tablet, the file chooser will simply open up as a new tab.

Supported file types of 25MB or less will automatically be added to the board as images. The original files are automatically attached to the board for easy download. You can invite everyone for a real-time collaborative session, and start adding feedback directly on your files!

Dropbox Troubleshooting

If you're using Chrome, it can happen that you may get the following message right after you've logged in to Dropbox: "Unable to communicate with parent window."

If this happens to you, please close the pop-up window via the Red button in the top left corner or the Cancel button. You may have to reload the board. This is a Dropbox issue and we've reported it, we'll update this article once it's been fixed.

Are you using an iPad tablet? Please use the Safari browser when you want to add Dropbox files. Currently the Chrome browser on an iPad does not support the Dropbox file chooser. 

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