Full Page Screenshot Extension (Chrome)


The browser extension Full Page Screenshot for Google Chrome lets you easily capture entire websites and details of web pages. The extension is free, works without sign up or login, and can be used independently from the Conceptboard app.

Although, if used together with Conceptboard for sharing and collaboration, it is compatible with all Conceptboard licenses, as well as, Dedicated and On-Premises systems. To install the extension, open the Google Chrome webstore.

How to Take Full Page Screenshots

To capture a full page screenshot of a website, open the extension and click on "Capture entire page". The extension will then screenshot the full page. Depending on the height of the page, this can take up to a few seconds. You will be able to find all captured screenshots in the extension under "Recent Captures". 

As the capture is processing, you will see a progress bar that shows you when the screenshot will be complete. If the page that you are taking a screenshot of is long, the page will scroll down step by step as it's taking each capture. Once the process is done, you will have one image of the entire page.

It is best not to interact with the browser window as the screenshot is being taken. Scrolling or hovering over elements can impact the finished image. 

How to Capture Custom Website Elements

To capture a section of a website, open the extension and click on the "Capture custom area" button. You can then select the area you want to capture by dragging a rectangle around it. Once the screenshot has been taken, it will be added to the list of "Recent captures".

If you do not want to capture anything, press on the "Escape" key on your keyboard or click anywhere with your mouse. 

How to Save and Further Process your Captures

All screenshots that you captured are shown in your "Recent Captures" list. This list also contains the following information about each screenshot: 

  • the website URL
  • the date of when the screenshot was taken
  • the resolution of the screenshot
  • the size of the PNG file that was created with your capture

You can save the file by either clicking on the "Save" button on the screenshot or by dragging the screenshot to your desktop.

You can also drag all captures into other apps to directly work with them. To do so, just open the extension and drag the capture into another opened app.

Here are a few examples for compatible apps and websites:

  Insert via dragging Insert via copy & paste1
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Google Docs
Google Slides
Microsoft Outlook   2
Microsoft Word   2
Microsoft Powerpoint    2
Microsoft Excel   2
  1. Right click on the capture within the extension and choose "Copy image". Then, switch to the app and press Ctrl + V (on Mac Cmd + V) on the keyboard, or use the app's edit menu.
  2. For pasting into Microsoft products, use "paste special/insert as bitmap" from the main menu within the Microsoft product.

How to Insert your Screenshots into Conceptboard

Instead of saving each screenshot to your desktop and then inserting it into one of your boards, you can directly insert all of your captures into a board to be able to work with them right away!

To quickly insert your screenshot, open the extension, click on the screenshot that you need, and drag it into the app. You can then collaborate with your team by sharing your board, mark up each capture with the use of the Scribble tool, having discussions with the Comment tool and assign tasks to your team to keep the project going forward.

Don't have a Conceptboard account yet? Quickly sign up for one of Conceptboard's licenses and get started right away.

Settings and Troubleshooting

Within your Settings page, you can delete all of your used storage, update the delay scroll option, and update the static header/footer ratio. 


If the Extension is Slow or Lags …

Having too many screenshots in the "Recent Captures" list may slow the extension down. Consider deleting captures you don't need anymore. You can also delete all captures via the extension's 'Settings' menu by clicking on the "Delete all" link. Please note, this will delete all saved screenshots. 


If a Full Page Screenshot looks Broken …

If you are having any problems with a full page screenshot, please try the following steps:

  1. Please take the screenshot again and make sure to not move the mouse, scroll the page, or click on the website until the completion of the screenshot.
  2. If there are elements on the page that do not move during the scrolling process (for example: a "sticky" header), they may be duplicated in the screenshot. To prevent this, you can increase the "Static header/footer ration". 
  3. If the website has any animated elements that move on scroll, you can increase the "Screenshot scroll delay". This will increase the time the extension waits after each scroll to take a screenshot.
  4. If you are still having trouble, please send us an email at support@conceptboard.com including the URL link of the website you are having trouble taking a full page screenshot of. 

Screenshots don't have "Retina" Quality

All screenshots are taken with a "device pixel ratio" of 1, that means the number of pixels that your final screenshot has equals to the logical resolution of your website or snippet. Even though your device may offer a higher pixel ratio than 1 (typically called Retina displays), it will be ignored. This has been done to harmonize the handling over the users' devices.

Privacy, Compatibility, and Offline Mode

Conceptboard's Full Page Screenshot Extension for the Chrome browser is compatible with all current versions of Chrome. Once installed, the extension doesn't need internet access and is also capable of capturing local websites or websites within non-public networks.

The extension stores all data only on the device that captures the website and the user may erase all data via the Settings page. During use, no server communication or any type of activity tracking is performed by Conceptboard.

To use the extension together with Conceptboard (for sharing and collaboration on your captures), you will need to sign up for one of Conceptboard's licenses. The extension is compatible with all license types, including Conceptboard's Dedicated Systems and Conceptboard On-Premises solutions. 

Let us know what you think of the extension and don't forget to rate it on the webstore!

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