Tips for Remote Meetings with Conceptboard

Virtual meetings are believed to be cost-saving and time-saving. But if you aren't prepared, they can have the opposite result. This is why we noted down some tips and hints for you, on how to do powerful meetings with Conceptboard.

1. Preparation: First of all, make sure you prepare a board properly. If you don't want your collaborators to change content during the meeting, make sure you lock the board in the board settings. 


2. Invite participants: There is no technical limit of simultaneous collaborators on a board. That being said, in order to have a smooth experience with Conceptboard for remote meetings, we recommend to use the board with up to 100 active participants. Larger numbers of participants are possible and we have witnessed many successful sessions with up to 200 active users. The exact number depends on the size of the board, specific action and interaction on the board and the internet connection of the participants.

See here for tips on Board Performance.

3. Moderation: For the purpose of leading your collaborators properly, turn on moderation during the meeting so that they follow your screen. 

4. Hide user cursors: When collaborating with multiple people we also recommend to hide user cursors. In order to do so click on the view tab within the board and uncheck "view user cursors."


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