Building Blocks

Building Blocks are pre-designed layouts of shapes, that you can use to highlight important information on your boards or visually arrange your content in a simple, yet clean way. You can either use each one individually or insert multiple Building Blocks at once and combine them any way you want. 

How to insert Building Blocks

When entering a new blank board, a sidebar will automatically open, where you can choose “insert Building Blocks”. On existing boards, you will need to click on the Plus (+) Button on the left side of your navigation bar first, then choose “Insert Building Blocks”. 

hc-building-blocks-sidebar-conceptboard.pngPlease note, the sidebar does not open automatically upon opening a new board on a mobile device.  

To insert a Building Block, you can either simply click on it or drag and drop it directly into your board. Make sure to go on an empty area of the board before adding your content.


The Building Block will be selected by default, so you can move it around the board as you wish. By double clicking on it, you can start typing directly into the Building Block.

How to edit a Building Block

If you simply want to enlarge a Building Block, you can select it and hold Shift while resizing to ensure you keep the initial aspect ratio. 
You can change each Building Block’s element's color, shape and size. To select an individual element, double click on the item. The floating toolbar now lets you make changes. 
To add text, double click on a selected item again to enter editing mode.
By default, the Building Block is grouped so you can move it around your board more easily. If you want to ungroup it, click on it and select the “Ungroup” button in the floating tool bar.


For more information, please read our Blog Post Article about Building Blocks.

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