Conceptboard Education Beta Program

As of 2021-01-21, our Education Beta Program is full and we cannot accept further applications. If you are still interested, please contact support@conceptboard.com and we will put you on a waiting list. Thank you for your understanding.

Conceptboard currently has a Beta Program to offer Education Licenses for a limited number of schools and universities. If you are interested in acquiring an Education License, please get in touch with Conceptboard support, providing the name of your institution, your desired sub-domain, and the number of teaching staff and students you want to provide accounts to.

To all you hard working teachers: You can of course use our free basic-license if you don't want to implement Conceptboard for your entire school or university. 

Conceptboard Education License

Conceptboard Education licenses are similar to Premium and Business licenses: they are only available in our Cloud offering and are managed as a team accounts with all the typical functionality that it available to our regular team members outside of the Education License.

The difference lies in the existence of the "Student" team member role. Whereas teaching staff works as an "Administrator" or an "Internal User" of the team, students have their own "Student" role, and are the core of a Conceptboard Education license.

"Student" users can take advantage of most collaboration functionality: they can create boards and work on them, invite board participants, join live sessions, etc. - but at the same time, a handful of alterations apply, that are targeted to match the unique requirements of the educational sector:

  • Students cannot see other "Student" team members (e.g. in their users list, or find them in the @mentions drop down) until they have worked together in a board
  • Students cannot start audio and video conferences on any board, no matter what their board roles are; they can join conference calls though, that have been initiated by teaching staff
  • Students can register themselves as a member of an Educational license team, by entering the team's specific Student Registration Code on the team's specific Conceptboard subdomain (invitation via email by team Administrators or teaching staff is also possible)
  • "Student" users are being charged less than team members in all other Conceptboard licenses

Student Invitation via Email


Any teaching staff (Administrators and also Internal Users, if allowed) can invite other team members, including students, via email. There is no restriction on the used email domain (you don't need to have your school's e-mail address).

Student Invitation via Student Registration Code


Administrators can change the Student Registration Code at any time: on your home screen, click onto "Settings" > "Team Settings" > "Student Registration Code". Make sure to scroll down the page and click onto "Save all Changes" before leaving the page.


Every Teaching Staff can retrieve the code via the Invite Dialog, and then distribute it to the students, e.g. via their online learning platform.

New Student Accounts

On the login page of your institution at Conceptboard, aka the Subdomain (needs to be set up by Conceptboard support), students see your log and the regular login forms.


 If they do not have an account yet, but a registration code, then can click "Student registration" and they will be able to create a new account that is automatically connected to your educational license.


Adding Existing Free Accounts to an Education Account

If the student already has a free account they wish to connect to an education team, they will need to be logged in to their account on app.conceptboard.com, then access the following link to get to the registration page (please add in your subdomain): 

Once they add the registration code they will see this page. When they click confirm joining, they will now be part of the education account as a student.



Working with Classes and Online Learning Systems

Currently, there is no specific online learning system integrations available. However, with a few workarounds, classes and their respective boards can be managed easily:

Representing classes as "Projects" in Conceptboard: 

Projects are folders you can use to collect and sort boards. Once students are registered, teachers can e.g. create a project per class, and invite students as project members. This means, that from this moment on, every board that is part of the project will be accessible for them.


Linking boards in Online Learning Systems:

All boards can be shared via their board URL. You can access the board if you are already a board participant (e.g. via a project membership), or if the boards' access mode is set to "Anyone with the link only can access". If your classes are being managed in an external system, you can link the boards within your website and have your students access them through the link. 

Embedding board in external systems (experimental):

Tech-savvy users can use iFrames to embed boards in external systems, such as Moodle or others. Please note, this function is experimental and the access restrictions as mentioned above apply.


Education licenses are charged by the amount of Students. If you qualify for the beta program, we offer packages of 100 Students. Per package 10 Teaching Staff users (Internal Users or Administrators) as well as 100 hours of Audio and Video Conferencing per month are included. Students are charged at 1€ per month (USD 1.10) when billed annually. Semi-annually payment is possible. Volume discounts apply starting at 1000 students. 

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