Conceptboard Updates


  • Read only offline state: when a connection was lost while working, the user can still see the board but is not able edit it
  • Major change in the board engine to actively remove objects outside of the visible area for faster working on large boards
  • Automatic trackpad detection: the board now automatically switches you to trackpad mode after the first pinch gestures on the trackpad
  • Tablet mode: scrollbars were removed from the touch device mode on the board to improve the writing experience on some older tablets
  • Performance update: Working, panning, and drawing while at 100% zoom in a large board is now faster


- we added a plus Sidebar to create sections and insert all kinds of content : 

  • files
  • templates
  • building blocks
  • video/audio


 - A new shortcut dialog for posting updates to @mention all participants is available to Editors/Reviewers in the board now.


  • Moderation Update:
    • Editors can choose to leave a moderation session
    • Editors can make someone else a moderator
  • Conferencing Update:
    • Calls are no longer automatically started for all board participants, you can choose to join a call
  • User Access:
    • New shortcut for changing a user's role in the board from their live user icon
    • New shortcut for changing the board owner from the live user icon


  • Extension of the Line / Arrow Tool functionality:
    • Lines can be used to connect items such as shapes, sticky notes or comments
    • On selection of the Line / Arrow Tool, each of these items will show 4 attachment points. Comments have two attachment points only.
    • Hovering over one attachment point it becomes active and can create a connection. 


  • New search all team members (from “My team” list) feature on @mentions and Board or Project invites.


  • New Format Brush Infinite mode: it allows users to transfer an item property several times by double-clicking on the tool.
  • New Personal Colors palette feature - Color Picker: now users can easily add a new custom color by using the color picker.
  • New Touch Device mode: it optimizes the usage of the board tools on tablets. Adding Sticky notes in the board will trigger the default selection of the Pen tool allowing users to easily scribble on top of any stickies.
  • Auto-group of elements on Sticky Notes: scribbling or highlighting on top of the Sticky note will trigger the auto-grouping of these elements enabling users to easily drag stickies around the board.
  • UI update for Board Background Color menu.


  • General Board UI Redesign
  • Presets: There are now custom presets for the properties of the following tools: Pen, Highlighter, lines (including arrows), shapes, text box and sticky notes
  • New Colors: There are now new colors pallets available:
    - Basic Colors
    - Light Colors
    - Grayscale
    And three custom pallets:
    - Board Colors: This palette safes all the recently used colors on the board
    - Corporate Colors: This palette is available in PRO accounts only; the colors can be preset by an administrator of the team and are then available for all the team members.
    - Personal Colors:This palette safes custom set personal colors
  • Avatars appearance update
  • Share Dialog UI update: The access settings of the board are displayed at any time by the corresponding icon.
  • Format Brush: The new tool allows users to copy styles from one object to the other.


  • Implementation of Conceptboard Template Library
    • Possibility to choose a template out of different categories
    • Dialog at opening a new board to create a new board with a template
    • Possibility to insert templates in existing boards
  • Possibility to change ownership of boards and projects 
  • Updated Board Settings- and Project Settings dialog
  • New Option to copy boards with or without history and attachments

- New project regulations:

  • only users being part of a project can move boards into that project.
  • only those projects, in which your are a member, are shown in the sidebar 


  • Single Selection of Items in a Group via Double Click
  • UI Update for a Group's Floating Toolbar
  • New feature: Image Cropping 
  • Item Duplicate via "Ctrl / Cmd + D"
  • Item Duplicate via "ALT + drag"


  • Selection fix on rotated/clipped items 
  • Small UI fixes: arrow align and @mention dropdown
  • Improvements on board export image quality
  • Improvements on parallel data imports


  • Quality improvements on board exports
  • Various small UI and design fixes


  • Shapes: Conceptboard’s shape library is extended by 14 new Shape elements. The default look of Shapes has been changed to a more neutral look - black outline, black text color, no fill. Shapes contain an optional text and a variety of styles (color, transparency, border). Shapes replace the previously used text and headline items (the Headline tool has been removed from the toolbar).
  • Text boxes: Text boxes are Rectangle Shapes without a border and with no fill. We removed all the old text boxes in order to make them adjustable individually.

  • Rotation: Shapes, Scribbles, Lines, Sticky Notes and Image elements can be rotated freely. All elements that cannot be rotated move accordingly to a rotation when transformed in a group or group selection. With the new rotation handle, the rotation menu item has been removed from attribute toolbar when an image is selected.

  • Pinning: All elements can be pinned. Pinned elements cannot be changed (no move, no rotate, no changes of attributes or texts, etc.) and less easy to select by accident. Only Section elements are created pinned. Any other element is created unpinned.

  • Sticky Notes: The design of the Sticky Notes elements was updated. Sticky Notes behave like any other element now and can therefore be pushed in the fore-and background, rotated and scaled.

  • Comment box: The design of the Comment box was updated. A user's existing boxes on their boards might be displayed a little bit bigger (height) with this release, but also their overall look and feel will have improved. In addition, comments can now be deleted by the author without entering the text edit mode.

  • Scribble & Highlighter: Scribble & Highlighter tool are now always accessible directly via the toolbar (no sub menu needed). The Highlighter now works accordingly to the Scribble tool, creating a freehand line, but in a translucent color. When holding shift while drawing, a straight line is created.

  • Lines & Arrows: Line and Arrow tools can be found in the Shape library.

  • Element attributes: Text in Shape elements and Sticky Notes now have an option for vertical text alignment. Shapes can have an opaque, translucent or transparent background, and a solid, dashed and dotted border of different widths or no border. Lines and Arrow elements can be toggled between opaque and translucent (Highlighter) style.

  • Element order: All elements can be arranged in a fore-and background order, with two exceptions. (1) Comment elements are always on top. (2) Text is always on top.

  • Element creation: Shape and Sticky Notes elements can be created by dragging or by click, the latter resulting in an element with default sizes. Press shift while drawing a shape, creates a 1:1 aspect ratio. Hold Shift while scaling keeps the aspect ratio of the Shape. When selecting multiple elements, it is now possible to change common attributes for those elements.

  • Element empty states: The hint to “double click to enter text” on empty elements was removed.

  • Floating toolbar: When a shape is selected, a floating toolbar is shown above the element to change the attributes and the look accordingly.

  • Text editing: Text edit mode can be entered via double click, via the “edit” menu in Comment elements, or the text options button for Sticky Notes and Shapes elements. Hitting enter will activate text edit mode for any selected Shape, as well. The “edit” link was removed from all elements.

  • Sections & Outline: Sections are named automatically based on an element's text. The Section’s name is updated on the element’s text changes, as long as the Section was not renamed manually. The Outline icon was updated.

  • Board background design: New boards are created with a slightly lighter background. All boards have a more precise background grid that changes based on the zoom level.

  • Element selection design: The look of the bounding box, the resize grabbers, and move handle have been updated.

  • Minimap: The design of the elements in the Minimap was changed from outline to semi-transparent boxes, bringing in more clarity and better indicator for item density (darker areas). The possibility to “drag around” the user’s frame within the Minimap was removed, navigation via the Minimap still works via click, or by using the zoom bar.

  • Slice tool removed: The Slice tool has been removed from the toolbar, as it was incompatible with the rotation. It is now only possible to slice/crop a selected image via resize handler.

  • Automated Zooming: Automated zooming is limited to very few cases, leaving as much navigational control as possible on user side. The remaining cases are necessary zooms when entering text editing when working with items.

  • Minimum Font Size Fix: On Chrome browsers that were using a Minimum Font Size Setting (in many browser with CJK locale), the position and relation between objects on the board could be off, especially on large boards when zoomed out a lot. This is fixed.

  • Tablet & Touch Device Support: Several updates were done to improve usability on tablets and touch devices (text cursor handling etc.)

  • Mobile View: The board’s mobile view was updated to work with the new functions.

  • Images on the board: The HTML title attribute that was showing when hovering with the mouse cursor over images on boards was removed.

  • Embeds on the board: The display of embedded elements (YouTube videos etc.) has been updated to now show a permanent “drag handler” when the Select tool is active.

  • Board resizes: The behavior on browser window resizing was updated, so that the board’s content keeps its position, leading to a minimum of visual distraction when altering the client window.

  • Toolbar: The toolbar has been updated, so that dropdowns are closed on a second click.

  • Automatic element migration: All “old” elements (text elements, post its, images, etc.) on all boards will follow the above behavior automatically without that a user needs to manually update them. Also, all “old” boards will look and feel like they did before this release. Minor glitches might occur in rare cases that will automatically be fixed, once an authorized Editor or Reviewer changes an element the first time after the release.

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