With our new voting feature, we’re introducing an additional entry in our Insert sidebar.

Next to Sections, Templates, Icons, etc. you will now find Widgets when you click on the '+' icon in the toolbar:


Creating a voting widget

Only Editors can place a voting widget onto the board. There are three ways to create a voting widget on your board:

1. In the '+' sidebar, click on “Insert widget”, and drag & drop or double click the voting widget icon:

This will create a voting area on your board. If you place sticky notes, shapes, images or icons within this area, they will become votable objects.


2. Multi-select votable objects on your board, right click, and select “Voting” > “Create voting widget”:

A voting area is automatically created around all of the selected items. These objects will now become votable:


3. Select a single shape onto your board, right click, and select “Voting” > “Convert to voting widget”:

This is mostly useful if you have already placed some objects on a background.  Select the shape and convert it into a voting widget. The shape would be converted into a solid rectangle. All sticky notes, shapes, images and icons within this area will become votable objects.


Working with the voting widget

When the voting area is selected, you can:

  • move it via drag and drop using the move handle, or
  • re-size it moving the edges of the selection frame 

The voting widget behaves just like other shapes: you can change its color, or convert it into a section, etc. However, it can only be displayed as a rectangle, it cannot be rotated, and you cannot change its opacity.

The voting widget top bar

The widget top bar displays the voting status and additional parameters that are relevant to the widget. 


Voting status modes

The voting widget has 3 Status modes: Setup, In progress, and Completed.

1. Setup

After its creation, the voting widget  is shown in Setup mode. Now  you can select how many votes are allotted to each participant within one session. Click the up and down arrow to increase or decrease the number of votes. The maximum number of votes you can give each participant is 20. 

The Start button is positioned next to the number of votes. Simply click on it when the voting is set to start. 

Note: For readers and reviewers additional options are not available, as they are not allowed to set up a voting.

How to conduct a voting session:

All sticky notes, shapes, text boxes, images and icons that are placed within the voting widget, can become votable objects. Select or deselect them by clicking the check mark on the top right of each item. Objects that are included in the voting session appear with a black circle while objects that are excluded are marked with a grey circle. 


If you create sticky notes, shapes, text boxes, images or icons within the voting widget or drag and drop them onto it, they will be added as votable objects. If you remove them or drag them outside of the voting widget, they won’t be included in the voting session.

Click the Start button in the voting widget top bar to start a voting session. 

Note: Readers and reviewers are not able to add to or remove objects from the voting.

2. In progress

All objects, selected as votable, receive a number bubble  with a '+' and '–' in their upper right corner. All reviewers and editors on the board are allowed to submit their votes in the voting session. They can cast a vote for an item by clicking ‘+‘, or revoke it by clicking ‘–‘. It is possible to give several votes to the same item. The top bar of the voting widget shows the number of votes a user has left. 

For Editors: The three-dot menu in the top bar of the voting widget allows you to end or reset the voting session.

For Reviewers and Readers: The three-dot menu option is not available. Reviewers can cast their votes while Readers are not permitted to cast their votes. They can only see the status that a voting is in progress.

Voting_10.pngOngoing voting session from left to right: editors view, reviewers view, readers view. Note, the three-dot menu is not available for the reviewer. The reader can only see the status. The ability to vote is disabled for the reader.


To end the voting session:

For Editors: Open the three-dot menu and select “End voting for all”. Confirm the dialog, and you will see the results of the voting session.


3. Completed 

After a voting session has ended, all votable objects show the accumulated number of votes. The voting bubble size reflects the end sum of votes:



Note that the voting is anonymous. You cannot see who voted for which object. 


For Editors: The three-dot menu shows 3 options: “Reset voting”, “Export voting as image”, and “Voting information”.


Reset voting: sets the voting back to the setup mode. All votes cast will be lost, and cannot be restored.

Export voting as image: this action comes in handy to save the voting result as an image.

Voting information: will open a dialog window and give an overview of all important information.


Access role overview

We only differentiate between editors, readers and reviewers for the voting widget. Editors that are logged in as a guest have the same access to the voting widget as editors with a pro license.







Insert/Create a voting widget



Set number of votes per person

Select votable/non-votable object

Start voting session



Cast votes

End voting for all

Reset voting



See voting results

Reset voting

Export voting as image

Open voting information


Deleting a Voting Widget

Voting widget functions as any other shape on the board. It does not matter if you have already added objects for voting, a widget can be deleted with or without them on the field.

To delete a voting widget, you can:

  • select it directly by clicking the field with the "select" function activated in the toolbar. Your pointer will look like a cross in this setting and a floating menu will appear above the voting field


  • dragging over a "select" frame with the "select/arrow" function activated in the toolbar and then clicking "backspace" or "delete" on the keyboard.

Convert a Voting Field into a Section

To incorporate a voting field into your presentation, you can convert it into a section. To do it, proceed with step 1 from the deletion instruction:

  • select it directly by clicking the field with the "select" function activated in the toolbar. Your pointer will look like a cross in this setting and a floating menu will appear above the voting field.
  • then right click the field. The option "Add to sections" will appear in the drop-down menu


Known limitations

  • Images are not recognized as votable objects right after import. You need to move them to see the voting bubble in the upper right corner.
  • When moving or resizing the voting area itself, objects that are not included in the voting area any longer will not be removed as votable items. The items themselves need to be moved to be excluded from the voting widget.
  • Objects can be added or removed after the voting has ended. If they are added, they show 0 votes. If they are removed, they lose all previously collected votes.
  • A voting widget cannot be converted into a regular shape.



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