Webex integration for teams with subdomain

The Conceptboard App available on the Webex store can be used by teams without a custom subdomain.

Teams with a subdomain - ex: company.conceptboard.com - require a custom Conceptboard App that can be setup following the next steps:

  1. Create an App on the Webex’s developer portal
  2. Enable the App for your organisation
  3. Approve the App request

Please contact your Webex administrator for support.

Create an App on the Webex’s developer portal

To create a new App, start by login into the Webex’s developer portal using this link. If needed, use this link to sign up in the portal.

Once you've successfully logged in, follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the user avatar (top right corner) and select My Webex Apps or use this link
  2. Click on Create a New App
  3. Select the Create Embedded App option and fill the form and click on Add Embedded App. For more details about the form information, consult the section after the video


Application form details

Where does your app work? → Select all three options

Embedded app name → Suggested format: Conceptboard [Team Name]

App Hub Description → Boost teamwork and productivity with visual collaboration!
Conceptboard's collaborative whiteboard centralises projects and communication on infinite visual boards. Join colleagues on live boards, and streamline complex ideas with sticky notes, sketches, and templates.
Conceptboard serves as a global hub for use cases like:

  • Brainstorming: Conduct virtual brainstorming sessions with your favourite tools.
  • Design Collaboration: Import artwork and gather feedback in context with @mentions.
  • Project Management: Visually organise and track projects on an infinite canvas.
  • Remote Workshops: Guide teams through boards and facilitate remote sessions.

Icon →(512x512)

Frame 1.png

Valid domains → conceptboard.com

Start page URL → This should be your domain url including ‘https://’ at the start and ‘/embed/webex’ at the end.

ex.1: https://abc.app.conceptboard.com/embed/webex

ex.2: https://company-name.conceptboard.com/embed/webex

ex.3: https://company-name.instnace-name.conceptboard.com/embed/webex

  • Please use the same value/url for the following form fields: In-meeting start page URL, Space start page URL, Sidebar start page URL.

Summary → Conceptboard's collaborative whiteboard serves as a secure hub for your projects and centralises your team's communication on infinite visual boards. Join colleagues on live boards and streamline complex ideas with sticky notes, sketches, and templates.

Tagline → Collaborative whiteboard

Enable the App for your organisation

To enable the App for all users within your webex organisation, follow the next steps:

  1. Access My Webex Apps in the developer portal using this link.
  2. Select the Conceptboard App
  3. Click on the Request Admin Approval button.


Approve the App request

As an admin user, access this link and log into the Webex Control Hub using the same credentials as the developer portal.

To approve the App request, follow the next steps:

  1. Select the Apps section on the sidebar
  2. Choose the Embedded Apps tab and select the Private apps list
  3. Click on the Conceptboard App to open a side panel with more details
  4. On the side panel, the following options are available to be configured as per your preferences:
    • Approve the app for either all users or for selected groups only
    • Include Conceptboard in the recommended apps and in the sidebar navigation menu of the desktop version of Webex
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the side panel after making changes


After obtaining admin approval, the app will become available for use by others within the organisation.

For users to find the app (in the desktop version of Webex) simply go to the +apps icon at the top bar of your space and search for the app by typing ‘Conceptboard [Team Name]’.
You can find more information here.

If a user is unable to access or find the Conceptboard Webex app after following the above steps, ensure that the user is part of the current Webex organisation.

Use the Conceptboard app in Webex

Your app is now in development mode and it is only visible in the Apps tray to you (the creator of the app) and to members of your group/organisation.

  • To use your Conceptboard app, you must first install the Webex desktop app on your device.
  • You can download and install the desktop version of Webex compatible with your device here.
  • For details on how to use Conceptboard in Webex, go here.
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