Web images

Tired of juggling browser tabs to find a perfect picture? Conceptboard introduces Web images. It enables users to search and insert images from public image libraries.

ℹ️ Plan and Role restrictions

Web images is available for all users.

Team members with editor role can search and insert images from the Web images on boards. To know more about team roles, consult this page. Reviewers and readers can only see the images already inserted on the board. To know more about Board roles, consult this page.

Insert an image

  1. Open the Insert menu (or press I) and select Web images
  2. Type a description in the search bar and press Enter to view matching results
  3. When the Load More button at the end of the image list is visible, selecting it will load additional images
  4. To add the image to the board, either double-click or drag and drop it into the board

Web Images insert image.gif


❗️These images belong to their respective owners. To use them beyond Conceptboard, please refer to the licensing terms from Unsplash.

Enable/Disable the Media Library feature

In order to use the Web images, the feature must be enabled by the team administrator on the Team Settings page:

Web Images.png

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