User roles in teams

User roles in teams are only available for professional accounts. These are different from the access roles you can set at the project and board level.  

Team members can have 3 different roles:

  1. Administrator
  2. Internal
  3. External

What is an administrator?


As an administrator, you will have all information regarding the team. You are the only person in the team that can manage and make changes to the account for the team. There can be more than one administrator in a team.

Administrators are the only ones that can:

  • Invite users to the team. Click here on how to invite users to my team. 
  • Remove (Downgrade or Delete) users from the team
  • Change team members' role
  • Change any information regarding the team account: invoice address, billing information, etc...
  • Make other users in the team administrators 


         An Admin can make other members as team Administrator. We recommend at least  two Admins for a team which one should be available in case of vacation or an emergency. 

        However, keep in mind to try reducing amount of Admins to a minimum. Multiple Admins means multiple persons-in-charge of the team and thus, having same rights as you.

    Learn more about Administrator functions on Users Page and Account Page.

What is an internal user?


Internal users are members of your team that are within your company. They will be able to see administrators, other internal users, and external users in the User's Page. They do not have the same rights as an administrator in terms of account administration and management. 

Internal user permissions: 

  • Create and share boards with users and guests.
  • Create and share projects with users within the team.
  • Invite users to join the team (providing the Administrator's permission). See here on how to invite users to the team.

Learn more about Internal user functions on Users Page and Account Page.

What is an external user?


External users are members of your team that are external to your company, such as: clients, suppliers and vendors, partners, or students.

External users will only be able to see administrators and internal users in the My Contact's Tab. They will not be able to see other external users unless they are working together on the same board or have been added to their contact list.

External user permissions: 

  • Create and share boards with users and guests.
  • Send invitations on the board level only. This means external users may invite team admins and internal users to every board directly or team admins / internal users may create the project and invite external users.
  • External users are not able to add users to projects.

Learn more about External user functions on Users Page and Account Page.

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