Comments, Tasks, and @Mentions


Comment Tool C


Select the comment tool from the toolbar or hit C on your keyboard. Click and drag to create a comment, pointing the arrow to the specific element you are commenting on. 

You can press Shift + Enter or Command  /Control + Enter to save a comment.

Made a comment by mistake? Click outside of the comment box or hit escape, and click Command + Z on your keyboard.

To delete a comment box, select it and hit Delete or Backspace on the keyboard.

To delete only a specific comment that you have created, even if its in a comment thread, click edit and select the words you would like to delete. An empty comment box automatically disappears.

To navigate to a specific comment, click on it in the ’All tasks and comments’ tab on the side navigation panel.

Collapse Finished Comments


Once a decision has been made or a task is ready to be assigned, just collapse the comment via the right up arrow on the bottom of the comment box. This leaves only the initial task and final decision visible and lets you see which conversations are finished while reducing the number of elements on top of your content.

It doesn’t matter how long your discussions get, it’s always good to be able to revisit a complete conversation and see the thought process behind a decision.

Creating Links to Items in a Board


You can create clickable links for items in your board.

  1. Select an item, and grab the "object link" from the right click menu, or from the floating toolbar. 
  2. Paste it into a comment or textbox or add it to the object's "add link". It will create a direct link to that item.
  3. To change the name of the item, you can add it to the board sections, and rename it. 


@Mentions and task assignments are project management features that allow you to direct a colleague's attention to a comment or task.

When you type '@' into a comment, you will always see a drop down of your "My contacts" list and the board participants first. Adding the first few letters of the name helps narrow down your list. If you're looking for someone that is part of your team but not a board participant yet, a "Search in whole team" option will pop up. You can use the up and down arrows to select the name you want, hit Tab to select it in the comment, and continue writing. @Mentioning a team member in a comment will automatically add them as a board participant. 



When you select the contact you would like to mention, their name will appear as a blue link, and the user will receive an alert in-app and by email (depending on their preference settings). Alerts include a visual preview of the comment area in the home feed and in emails. 


  • If the user has not activated their account via email, you will not be able to @mention them in a board.
  • If you are a Reviewer, you will only be able to @mention users that the board has already been shared with.
  • Guests can not @mention users. 

@Mentioning a New Board Participant


Editors may share the board with new board participants by @mentioning them directly on the board. The first time you @mention a new participant, a "Invite user" link will appear below so you can click and share the board via the share dialog with any user. It also allows you to pick the type of board access role the user should have. 

@Mention all participants


You can easily @mention all participants on the board. Simply click on @All participants in the top toolbar of the board next to the board name. Then type your message at all participants of the board and click on Post update. All participants of the board will be notified and can find the update in the workflow. 

Remove an @Mention


You can remove an @Mention that you have created in order to stop receiving alerts from a comment thread. Click on the name in the comment and choose "Remove @Mention".

Viewing all your @Mentions


To view all your @mentions in a board, filter the "All tasks and comment" tab in the side navigation panel to show only your @mentions. You can also click in the View menu in the top tool bar to access the comments alert as well. Click on any @mention to navigate to it in the board.



Since Conceptboard is all about collaboration it has a simple built in task system. Every comment can be transformed into a task. Mark comments as tasks by clicking on the task icon, and click "mark as open task."


Open tasks are marked with an orange corner and circle.

Once you've completed a task, click the task icon to mark it as done. You can also remove the task status, or assign the task. Completed tasks are marked with a green corner and a green check mark. Completed tasks can be marked as being open again.  

Tasks for a specific board will appear with a highlighted corner in the alerts and comments and tasks tab of the side navigation panel. You can also click in the View menu in the top toolbar to navigate directly to the alerts for task menu. You can click on the item to navigate to its location on the board. 

Assigning Tasks

Marking a comment as a task when there is an @Mention in the comment will automatically assign that task to any mentioned users.

For instance, if Ben @Mentions Diana and Steve, they will both be assigned the task. The task appears red when assigned to you, and orange when assigned to anyone else.


You can remove an @Mention so the task is no longer assigned to that user by clicking on the name and choosing "Remove @Mention". Only the user that created the comment can remove an @mention. 

Once the task is done, anyone can select the task icon in the lower righthand corner of the comment and mark as complete. If needed, you can assign the task again, and it will automatically be assigned to any remaining @Mentioned users in the comment.

Viewing Tasks

In a Board


Tasks for a specific board will appear with a highlighted corner in the ‘All tasks and comments’ tab on the side navigation panel. You can filter to see all tasks and comments, all open tasks, or just open tasks assigned to you. Click on the item to navigate to its location on the board.

On the Boards Overview Page

Quickly see which boards have outstanding tasks on your Boards Overview. Your assigned tasks are displayed in the top right corner of a board tile or project, so you always know what needs your attention.


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