Board Settings


How to Access the Board Settings

On your 'Boards' page, hover over a board tile and click the more options icon then Settings:   


The settings can also be reached within a board by clicking on the Board menu in the top tool bar and then choosing Settings.hc_board_settings_menu.png

Settings Dialog hc_board_settings_dialog_owner.png

The settings dialog will be different based on your access role. Editor changes are only if the owner has not turned off editor can manage participants setting: 

  • Owner only changes:
    • Transfer ownership of the board 
    • Allow/disallow Editor management
    • Delete board
  • Owner/Editor allowed changes:
    • Change board name
    • Change board project
    • Lock board
    • Duplicate board
    • Archive board
  • Every User (including Reviewer/Reader) allowed changes:
    • Leave board 
    • Change board notifications for yourself for this board

How to Duplicate a Board

You can duplicate a board if you are the board owner or if the board has been shared with you as an Editor. In the Board settings click on 'Duplicate', and the 'Make a copy' dialog will appear. 

The original board and the copied one are independent from each other, changing one will not affect the other. You will become the copied board's owner, but no one else will have access- even if there are comments on the board, access is removed from the copy. You either need to copy the board in a project to automatically grant access, or invite people again via the Share button.

The new board's name will be be preconfigured as: [COPY] OLD_NAME 
You can change the name of the board copy in the 'Make a copy' dialog.


By copying a board, all content will be copied automatically. Additionally you can decide, if you would like to preserve the board's complete history and all attachments. Alternatively, only the latest change to each element is preserved.

You can also directly copy a board from within the board. Click on the "Board" menu, then "Save as new board".

How to Leave a Board


If you are not the owner of a board and the board is not in a project, you have the option of leaving a board. Either find your name in the Share dialog and then click on the dropdown next to your access role, or click on the 'Leave board' link on the bottom of the Settings dialog. 

You will have to confirm that you definitely want to leave the board. Remember, leaving a board will remove the board from your 'Boards' page, and you will have to be re-invited to be able to access it again. 

How to Delete a Board


The Owner may choose to delete a board. Please note that the board deletion is permanent and the content can not be retrieved. Archive the board to remove it from your Boards Overview without permanently deleting it. 

How to Archive a Board


Archiving allows you to remove old or completed work from your boards overview without losing them forever. Click on the 'Archive' button and it will be stored in the Archive page. Access all your archived boards in the left panel on your 'Home' or 'Boards' page. All archived boards become read-only.

How to Change the Owner of a Board

A board owner can, if necessary, transfer the ownership of a board to another board participant. You can do this from the Share dialog, or from the Settings dialog. 

How to Lock a Board 

The Board Owner and Editors can toggle the on and off 'Board Lock' button. When this option is on, the board will be locked and all participants will be able to access it as read-only. Meaning, for all board participants or guests, the tool bar will display only the browse tool. 

The board will automatically lock during an approval process, the Owner and Editors of the board can unlock the board during this process if desired.

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