Sharing Boards: Access Management

new-share-dialog3.gifYou can access the Share dialog for a board from the upper right corner of the board, or from the more options menu in the boards overview. Boards can be shared with one of three access types, in combination with 3 different roles (Editors, Reviewers, Readers): 

  • Specific users (default for new boards)
  • Link and password (with default access role)
  • Anyone with the link (with default access role)

Specific users


By default a new board has the access setting 'Specific users', meaning the board is private to the board owner. Guest access is disabled. Each board participant you invite, must sign in with their Conceptboard account.

The access to the board is connected to the email address you invited. If a user wants to access the board with a different account, they can request access, or you can invite the correct email address to grant access. 

Pending board access requests will be visible at the top of the invite tab. 

Link and password


To turn on link sharing, click on 'Create link' or switch over to the 'Access settings' tab and toggle on link sharing. The password is autogenerated. Guest access is now enabled. The default access role is Reviewer. 

Important notes: 

  • Participants you directly invite to the board will not have to enter the password. They will have the role you selected for them. 
  • Anyone entering the board directly via the shared board url will need the password. For example, if you share the board link in a chat channel, make sure to also share the password. They will have the default access role. You can change their role after they have joined the board. 

Anyone with the link


Toggle off the password to switch to anyone with the link access mode. Guest access is enabled. The default access role is Reviewer.

Guest access on free boards

On free boards, guest access is limited to Reviewer/Reader. You can still set the default role to Editor, as logged in users can be Editors. 

Inviting board participants


You can invite users to the board when you are:

  • Owner
  • Editor (and Owner has not toggled off the Editors can manage participants option)

You can invite participants by searching and selecting their user in your contact list, or by entering an email address.

To search for team members not in your contact list, start by typing the user name and select "Search team members to find more results" on the dropdown. This action will search through the users from the team and present suggestions accordingly.

After defining the users to be invited, choose the role and click 'Share' to send out the invitations.

There is a limit of 200 board invitations you can send out per day, so if you are sharing the board with a large class or team event, please make sure you share the board link in a shared chat/class wiki.

Participants tabparticipants_tab.png

Here you can search through and see all board participants and their current role on the board.  Click on the user image to bring up more information about the user.

  • Users can click on their own name and choose to leave the board. This removes their access and the board from their boards overview.
  • Owners may transfer ownership of the board to another participant.
  • Owner/Editors can change the role of individual users, or use the multi-select to change roles/remove up to 50 participants at a time.multiselect.png

Access settings


The access settings tab allows board Owners to change the board access mode, and toggle on/off the Editors' ability to manage participants and change the board access mode. 



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