Team Settings

There are several ways to adapt the look of Conceptboard to the branding of your company. An Administrator can make these changes for their Team or Enterprise account. To access these settings click on your Team Settings tab under the Account page. 


An Administrator can:

  • Change the team name (visible in email alerts, on board invitation pages)
  • Change team invitations (changing who can add paid seats)
  • Change the default board access role and access mode (for new team boards)
  • Add a board help menu link (visible on all team boards under the Help menu)
  • Change the header and button colors (pick a color or enter a hex code value)
  • Add a company logo (visible to team users on logged in app pages)
  • Add a welcome banner (visible to guests and users on board welcome pages)
  • Turn off Zendesk, Aspose, or Web Conferencing for the whole team (if required for GDPR privacy requirements)

Team Invitations


Note: By default only team administrators may invite someone to the team. Only a team administrator  may invite other users as admins. Team administrators may choose whether team invitations need one of the admin's approval or internal users can invite new team members without an admin's approval:

  • Only after Admins approval

Administrators will be asked to confirm that the new users can join the license. Please note, a request for adding an internal or external team member will first be sent to the administrator of your team. Once the administrator approves it, then the invitation will automatically be sent. Inviting a new user is billed as per your current plan.

  • Internal users can invite without Admin's approval

This means the Administrator of your team has allowed internal users to add new users to the team without additional approval. Inviting a new user is billed as per your current plan.

This means that internal users can increase the costs associated with your account. Learn more in our Billing FAQs

Board Defaults


Team Administrators can now set a default board access mode and board access role for their team! This applies to all new boards created in the team. Team members can still change the settings on individual boards as needed. Learn more in this blog post.

Corporate Colors 


In the Team settings tab you can customize the Header color, Button color, and add your Corporate colors (available for PRO accounts) for your team account.

You can select up to 25 different Corporate colors (available for PRO accounts) that will also be available in your board color palette called "Corporate colors". To access these colors in your board, open the Set colors of a board item (Shape, Sticky note, or Text), and select the 'Corporate colors' palette.

Note: All Corporate colors palette will be available for all users of your team account. 

Upload your Logo and Welcome Banner


To add a logo or welcome banner:

  1. Click on "upload a logo" or "upload a welcome banner"
  2. Choose a file
  3. Click "Save changes"

To remove a logo or welcome banner:

  1. Click on "Remove"
  2. Click "Save changes"

Suggested Image Sizes

The logo should be a PNG file with at least 80px in height, ideally with a transparent background. 

The welcome banner should be a PNG file with a transparent background. The max display width will be 720px. 

Places Where Your Logo and Welcome Banner Are Shown

You should upload your company logo as soon as you have created your account. The logo shows up on all the main app pages for your logged in users, for example on the boards overview and home page. 

Boards Overview for Team Users


Board Welcome Banner

The welcome banner is shown to guests and users on the board welcome page, as well as custom subdomain login pages. 


Try setting a temporary welcome banner for events!


Team GDPR Settings


If your company has strict GDPR regulations in place that completely prohibit the use of any 3rd party integration that resides outside the EU, a team Administrator may turn off these features for your entire team from the team settings page. You can turn off web conferencing, Aspose document processing, and the Zendesk support link. 

Important notes: 

  • You can add your own support link in the Help menu via the Help menu entry option in the team settings. 
  • When you turn off Aspose file conversion, some complex Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents may have issues with text alignment, custom fonts, and special effects.
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