Board Approvals


With the Project Workflow release, we have included the Updates and Approval dialog to help you and your team get creative projects done faster!

How to Access the Approval Dialog

You can access this dialog in two different ways:

From the ‘Boards’ page, you can hover over a board tile and click on the Updates and Approval icon. 


Or it can also be reached within a board by clicking on the Updates and Approval icon next to the title of the board.

Start an Approval Process

You can start an approval process with your team once your board is finished. Start an approval process by:

  • Open the Updates and Approval dialog
  • Click the ‘Start approval’ toggle to On
  • Select one user or multiple users that need to approve the board
  • Set a specific date for when the approval needs to be done by
  • Click on ‘Start approval’

The chosen user(s) will be notified that they need to approve the board and it will be locked until the process is finished. This will also be updated in the Board Feed.

Options during the Approval Process

Once the process has begun, the board will be locked for all board participants including ones are not part of the approval process. The participant(s) that needs to approve will be able to access the board in read-only mode.

The participant(s) that need to approve will have 3 options during this process:


The participant can review the board while locked and then approve it directly by clicking on the ‘Your approval is needed’ button on the top left of the board. Then they can click on the ‘Approve’ button and a PDF of the board will be uploaded to the Board Feed.

Approve with Edits

If you have small edits that need to be made like update the company address or logo, you can still approve the board with edits to not go through a whole approval process again.

Add your comments in the approval box, and the approval will be posted to the Board Feed with your comments. All board participants will be notified.

Not Approved

If there are a lot of changes that need to be made, click on on the ‘Not approved’ button. This will unlock the board so you can leave feedback directly in the board. An approval process can then be restarted, to approve the final changes that were just made.

Cancel an Approval Process

Board Owners and Editors may cancel the Approval process. Notifications will not be sent to board participants, but a message is posted in the Board Feed and the board will be unlocked. You can start a new approval process for the board if it is needed. 

More Important Info

  • Only the Board Owner & Editors can start an approval process.
  • Reviewers can be asked to be part of an approval process.
  • Readers and guests cannot be part of an approval process.
  • Only board participants can be part of an approval process.
  • When multiple board participants have been asked to be part of an approval process, the board will stay locked until everyone has chosen an option.
  • When the deadline has been missed, the participant will get an email that an action is needed and a message will be posted on the Board Updates feed.
  • The Board Owner can lock or unlock the board during an approval process by accessing the 'Board Settings'. 


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