Compatibility with Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)

Conceptboard is compatible with any IWB that is capable of running a supported browser. In many cases, the built-in browser of an IWB's embedded operating system functions to a certain extent (often including multi-touch gestures for panning and zooming). 

Using Conceptboard on an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) requires first overcoming the main obstacle of IWBs, namely that they typically operate as "shared devices": the IWBs are located in meeting rooms with the purpose of enabling everyone with physical access to easily start a whiteboard session, while at the same time, the content of one session must be kept private to that session's collaborators and not be visible to those in a separate session.

To meet these demands in a reliable way, an IWB package is available for our customers. It consists of the following components:

  • IWB Hardware: Compatible ActivePanel IWBs: Promethean/AP5-75-4K (on Edge, Chrome, Android browsers), Apple/iPad Pro (on Safari, Chrome browsers) and MS/SurfaceHubs (on Chrome, Edge browsers)
  • IWB OS: Windows Module that starts in Single App Full Screen Mode
  • IWB Start Page: https://app.conceptboard.com/iwb(see below)

Upon switching on the device, the IWB start page is shown without any sign in: the full screen browser loads the page https://app.conceptboard.com/iwb which holds links to create a "New Conceptboard" (/new) or "Login at Conceptboard" (/login). This page is publicly available. From here, the user interacts with Conceptboard's web application as he/she would on any personal touch device.



The "New Board" path takes the user directly to a new unclaimed temporary board which needs to be claimed in order to be added to an account's directory. "Keep this board" bubble (next to the board's title) will prompt the user to further login for the board preservation.



The "Sign In" path redirects the user to the login page.


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