Free Users on Professional (PRO) Boards

Technically possible - not recommended for company nor user

Sharing professional boards with users under a private, free license is technically possible, but we do not recommend it as it poses risks for both the user and the organization.

When using Conceptboard professionally, a team is created and the employees of the organization are invited as team members. The team administrators define the legal framework and determine which security settings apply to all employees when working with Conceptboard. In doing so, they ensure that the use of the service complies with both internal guidelines and legal regulations.

However, if the data of an organization is processed within the framework of free use, this processing no longer takes place in the protected and legally secure context of the organization, but at the private user's own risk.


In detail this means:

Non-compliance with data protection laws

Regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and others place strict requirements on how personal data is processed and stored. These requirements are met by means of the contractual arrangements between the organization and Conceptboard. Additional data processing by a private, free user account takes place outside of this context. This means that compliance with the data protection requirements is the responsibility of the individual user and its consistent achievement (e.g. deletion specifications, obligation to provide information) is doubtful.

Lack of data ownership

When processing organizational data with a private, free account, copies of the data may leave the organization. In addition, data generated directly by such an account cannot usually be assigned to the organization. This means that the organization is may not be the owner of this data.

Loss of control

The organisation has no definite control over the data in the private, free user account.

Reduced level of data protection

When using a private, free account, possible security settings of the team (e.g. login only via single sign-on, standard settings for the security of the user's boards) are not taken into account. The security concept of the team administrators is thus potentially circumvented.


What to do if you want to join your team?

Banner Join Request

To request joining your companies team, please click on the join request link in the yellow banner on the board which you will see during the collaboration session. (It is in the same yellow box which lead you here.) This will trigger an email and a join request to the admin of the team you have been collaborating with.

Internal Software and License Request Process

In some cases your employer manages the access to Conceptboard for employees though an internal order process and or/ a single sign on solution. In this case, please check with your IT department and check your companies internal software request process. 

Contact the Conceptboard customer success team

If you are unsure who to contact or do not receive a reply to your join request, please get in touch with our Conceptboard Customer Success team - we will assist you. 

When you write us an email, please state the name of your employer and the team name which you saw in the yellow banner.

Send the email to: support@conceptboard.com 


I am a Conceptboard Team Admin, what do I need to do?

Free user accounts which collaborate on professional boards with the company team reduce the level of data protection of the team

If you are a Conceptboard team admin, please attend to possible team join requests on the admin page of the Conceptboard app


Best Practices for Conceptboard Admins and Product Owners

Please find a checklist with five possible improvements for your team here: 

For more information about free users of your company and best practices, please contact your customer success manager or email us at support@conceptboard.com


We are looking forward to supporting you. 






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