Moderator Mode: Live Presentations

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To start a live presentation, click the moderator mode in the lower left hand corner of the board. You can also access it via the Conference menu. This will take control of every board participant's view.

The other users will see your live mouse cursor and move around the board with you. A flashing symbol is shown over the icon of the user currently in moderator mode. Guests may also use the moderator mode on boards where this feature is enabled. 

Please note, student accounts and some basic users (who have not unlocked moderator mode) will not be able to use moderator mode. If this is the case, the tooltip will indicate that this feature is not available. On basic boards, the board owner must have moderator mode enabled for any board participants to be able to use it. 

If you need to see what specific section another user is discussing, you can turn on Live Pointers at the same time as Moderator Mode. Please ensure you have a good internet connection to minimize lag.

Moderator View (with Live Pointers turned on)

You can also set up the board outline with the different sections of the board for easy navigation and flow during the presentation. 

Tip: You can minimize the minimap and top bar for more space.

Participant View

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