Moderator Mode: Live Presentations

Starting a moderation session

To start a live moderation, click on the moderation button (canvas icon) in the collaboration toolbar located in the bottom right of the board. 


A blue button saying 'Start moderating' will appear. After clicking it, the moderation will be started. It allows you to take control of every board participant's view.


The other users will follow your User Cursor and current position on the board.


User cursors are automatically turned on when another user joins the board. During presentations and discussions, they can help you see what specific section another user is talking about. If you are running a presentation with more than 10 people it might be useful to turn off the User Cursors from the view menu while presenting, to make it easier to follow along. 

You can also set up a board outline with the different sections of the board for easy navigation and flow during the presentation. 

For more space to follow live presentations, you can minimize the minimap and top bar. Click on the minimap symbol (compass) displayed at the bottom left of your screen to hide the minimap. To hide the top bar including the board title and menus, click on the double arrow symbol at the top right of your screen.

Making someone else a moderator

Board owners and editors (if editor management is enabled in the board settings) have the option to control the moderation: they can also hand over the moderation to other participants. To do so, click on a live user icon in the upper right corner and choose the option 'Make moderator'. 


Conversely, if editor management is disabled in the board share access settings, only the board owner can function as moderator on the board.

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 13.57.03.png

Stopping an ongoing moderation session

To stop your own moderation, just click the red button next to your name in the moderation panel. The moderation will be stopped and all participant's are able to move themselves freely in the board without following your view again.


Board owners and editors (if editor management is enabled in the board settings) can also stop a moderation another participant is leading. There are two options to do so:

The first option is to stop the ongoing moderation from the moderation panel. Just click the three-dot icon and then select the option 'Stop moderation'.


The second option is to stop the moderation via the live user icons. Select the user who is leading the moderation and then choose the option 'Stop moderation'.


Leaving a moderation session

If you are an Editor on the board, you have the option to leave an ongoing moderation session someone else is leading. Click the red button next to the moderator and toggle off the moderation panel. 


Ongoing moderations will be marked by a red bubble next to the moderation icon in the bottom right corner of your board.


Moderation sessions in the current board session will be ignored. This means if someone starts another moderation session while you are in the board, you will not automatically join it. You can still manually join a moderation session.

Notes: Reviewers and Readers can't leave a moderation session. In special cases where the Board owner has removed Editor management rights, Editors will not be able to leave a moderation session.

Permission Table

Please have a look at the permission table to understand different possible actions for people with different board access roles:

Role Start own moderation Stop own moderation

Stop someone else's moderation

Ignore moderation Make someone else moderator
Editor 2  2  2  2 

2 available if editor management is enabled in board settings

Tips for running a moderation session

  1. Setup sections to make it easier to run through your presentation.
  2. Go fullscreen/hide toolbar to make sure your view is uncluttered.
  3. Turn off user cursors from the view menu if you have a lot of users following along to keep your view uncluttered.
  4. Keep an eye on the Minimap.
  5. You can see everyone's screen position as it is folowing along in the minimap. Some users may have a slower internet connection or computer so give them a moment to catch up before you dig in.
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