Billing FAQ's

Who do I Pay for?

You pay for any users that are invited to or part of your team. This means all Internal and External users, Administrators, and open invitations count towards the number of users on your team. 

How do I add my Credit Card to my Conceptboard Account?

Note: As an online merchant, the new EU directives require us to incorporate the 3D Secure process into our payment process. If you haven't done so already, we suggest to fully set up the 3D Secure process through your online banking/bank. This procedure is used to verify the legitimacy of the payment.

Pre-authorization Credit Card Check

When you add your credit card information, we do a pre-authorization check to make sure your card is valid, but we do not charge you for anything. There may be a 1 eur/1 dollar initial hold placed on your card by the bank that is visible in your account for a few days as part of the pre-authorization check.

The first invoice is calculated at the end of your trial period, and it's based on the number of users in your account on the first date of billing. All subsequent monthly invoices are calculated based on the maximum number of users in your account during each month. 

Flexible Monthly Option

The first time you enter your credit card information, only the price for 1 user will be shown on the credit card payment page and on the payment confirmation page. This is because you can add and remove users as needed on the flexible payment option. When you invite a user to the team, they become a team member and count towards the total of users that you have. 


Fixed Payment Option

The total amount for the number of users you have selected will be shown on the credit card payment page and on the payment confirmation page. This is because you are paying for a set number of users per month. 

Pre-authorization Credit Card Check

When you add your credit card information, we do a pre-authorization check to make sure your card is valid, but we do not charge you for anything. The first invoice is calculated at the end of your trial period, and it's based on the set number of users you have chosen for your plan. 

What's the Difference between the Fixed Payment Option and the Flexible Payment Option?

Flexible Monthly Option

Choose the flexible monthly payment option if you need to add and remove users at any time and pay monthly. You only pay for the maximum number of users in your account each month.

Fixed Payment Option

You select a fixed number of users, and choose a monthly, quarterly, or annual billing cycle. After you have updated your plan to the fixed number of users, you will be able to add users to your team up to that limit.

You can increase or decrease the set number of users in your account, at any time, and the new number will be used to calculate the next billing cycle's invoice.

  • When you add additional users, a second invoice for the remainder of your payment period will be created. 
  • When you try to add more users than your account allows, a message will appear on the 'Invite users' dialog. You will have to increase the user limit before you are able to add any more users.
  • You can not decrease the set number of users below the current number of users on your account. 

After the invoice has been generated for the billing cycle you have chosen, you will only be able to change the billing cycle to a shorter one in the last month of the current billing cycle.

  • Example: You have paid for 10 users for 1 year, you will be able to change the billing cycle to quarterly or monthly in the last month of that year (current billing cycle).


We Need to Add Additional Users to our Team. How will that be Billed?

On the flexible monthly plan, simply invite users to your team and you are all set. You don't have to do anything else. We will automatically update your next invoice accordingly. 

As the administrator on a fixed payment plan, you can go to your Plan & Payment tab in your Account page. Increase the number of users in your account and update to the plan.

We’ll make a one-time, pro-rated charge to your credit card to cover your new team member’s account for the remainder of the current billing period. The changes to your plan applies immediately and the invoice is created within 24-48 hours of updating your plan.

  • Example, suppose your team is currently on the Team Plan and paying for 10 users for 1 year in dollars, which has a base user price of $7 per user/month.

    You add 2 additional users after 6 months, and there are 6 months (180 days) remaining in your current billing period.

    The per day cost of each user is ($7/ 30 days), so we will make a one-time charge of $84 (($7/30 days) * 180 days * 2 users) for the extra 2 users. 


Our Credit Card Expired or was Canceled, How can I Add a New One?

Anyone on your team that is a team administrator can update the credit card information or add a new credit card in the Plan & Payment tab of the Account page.


What is a VAT Number and Do I Have to Provide it?

The VAT number is also known as the European Union value added tax. This ID number only applies to businesses located in the European Union. If you are outside of the European Union, please leave the box empty in your ‘Invoices’ tab.

To provide your VAT number, please click in the Invoices tab of the Account page. Select your country in the drop down menu before providing your VAT ID number, and then click on Save invoice settings.

How do I change country and currency?

This can be changed in the plan & payment tab.


I'm not the Billing Contact for your Company, Can I have Invoices Automatically Sent to Someone Else?

Team administrators can add additional billing contacts who will automatically receive invoice emails in the Invoices tab of the Account page. Billing contacts do not have to be members of the team — only an email address is needed.


My Company requires some Additional Information on Invoices. How can I Customize our Invoice Statements?

Team administrators can configure their company name, address, and use a free-form text field to add additional information to future invoices in the Invoices tab of the Account page.


My Team wants to Cancel its Subscription. How do We Do that? Can We get a Refund?

Team administrators can change the team's plan. You can either downgrade or delete your team, please be aware of the differences between these options:

  • Non commercial users can immediately downgrade their entire team to the free Basic plan. Your team will be split into individual Basic user accounts. Your data will remain, but all professional features will be disabled such as unlimited space and projects. Team administrators can reactivate the team at any time. Individual users of your team are free to upgrade to their own team plan. Please note, this means that if you reactivate your account, users that have upgraded on their own will no longer be part of your team when you reactivate.
  • You can also delete your entire team and all of your data. Please be aware that deletion is permanent and restoring the account is not possible. By deleting your team, you delete all company data, including all team member's private boards. Please check with your team first before deleting your account. 

We do not offer refunds. 

We Require a Manual Invoice/We need to be Able to pay by Bank Transfer?

No problem! A payment process via invoice is possible for the business model (€8 per user/month) and in the enterprise model (€10 per user/month).

Please contact us to get started.

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