Alerts: In-app and Email


What Triggers an Alert?

Alerts notify you of the most relevant activity in your boards by email and in-app, depending on your settings. Alerts are generated by board activities:

Email Alerts

All alerts within the app can be sent to your email address.

Screenshots of the area around the arrow head in the comment that triggered the alert are included in the email for better visual context of the conversation.

To manage it and when you receive email alerts, visit your Edit Profile page and select your preferred email frequency. 


Note: Please make sure your email address is correct and has been confirmed to receive alerts. 

In-App Alerts

You can see new alerts in any of the main app tabs via the alerts button in the top right corner. The red bubble indicates the number of new alerts.

Alerts in the Home Page Feed

The home feed alerts include screenshots of the area around the arrow head in the comment that triggered the alert for better visual context of the conversation.

@Mentions, replies to comments, task assignments, when an approval process has been started, when an updated to a specific board has been made, and colleagues’ active sessions in shared boards show up in the home activity feed so you are able to see at a glance what everyone is working on.

Alerts in the Board

Alerts for a board that you are currently working in are immediately updated in the alert tab on the side navigation panel as well as notifications from the @All participants and the workflow.


Some notes about Alerts:

  • Each red alert bubble appears once. This means that if you read an alert on the board, it will not appear as new on the main app pages.
  • Alerts are ordered chronologically, new to old meaning the most recently modified item is on top. 
  • Clicking on any alert will take you to its location in a board

For more information on Task Assignments and @Mentions, view the FAQ

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