Board Workflow and @Mentions

You can access the Workflow dialog in two different ways:

  • from the boards overview, by hovering over a board tile and clicking on the icon


  • from within a board by clicking on "@All participants" next to the board title and then on "open workflow"


Board Workflow Updates


The board updates will give you an overview of time stamped activities that have happened in the board. It will show you:

  1. When the board was created and who created it.
  2. When a participant updates the feed, incl. @all notifications
  3. When participants are invited to the board with the board invitation message.
  4. When participants have worked on a board.
  5. When an Editor has started an approval process.
  6. When an approval process has been accepted, accepted with edits, or not approved. A downloadable PDF is available with these updates.

All board participants (Editors, Reviewers, Readers, and Guests) have access to this dialog. All board participants that are subscribed to the board, will receive an alert in the app and via email when you post an update. 

Please check the Board and Project Notifications for further details.


@Mentions and task assignments are project management features that allow you to direct a colleague's attention to a comment or task.

When you type '@' into a comment, you will always see a drop down of your "My contacts" list and the board participants first. Adding the first few letters of the name helps narrow down your list. If you're looking for someone that is part of your team but not a board participant yet, a "Search in whole team" option will pop up. You can use the up and down arrows to select the name you want, hit Tab to select it in the comment, and continue writing. @Mentioning a team member in a comment will automatically add them as a board participant.



When you select the contact you would like to mention, their name will appear as a blue link, and the user will receive an Alert in-app and by email (depending on their preference settings). Alerts include a visual preview of the comment area in the home feed and in emails. 

Note: If the user has not activated their account via email, you will not be able to @mention them in a board.

Viewing All Your @Mentions


To view all your @mentions in a board, filter the "All tasks and comment" tab in the side navigation panel to show only your @mentions. You can also click on the View menu in the top toolbar to access the comments alert as well. Click on any @mention to navigate to it in the board.

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