UX & Design

Conceptboard can be used by a UX designer for the following activities:

  • Collection + documentation of UX data
  • Analysis of the user journey
  • Storyboards and scenarios
  • Design reviews 
  • Collection of feedback
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Idea development
  • Project planning

Enclosed you find a small selection of suitable templates, as well as some useful functions in the board, which are helpful when collaborating.


1. Templates

Customer Journey Map

With the Customer Journey Map you can understand the behavior of the consumer and determine their needs based on their internet usage.



Get a first idea about the design and structure of your website or web applications like apps and software. Visualize your concepts with the help of the wireframe template.

Reverse Brainstorming

Derive meaningful insights and ideas from reverse brainstorming.

Feedback Grid

Get quick and specific feedback on your concept from your stakeholders through the Feedback Matrix.


Blog reference: Feedback Capture Grid template

2. Some useful features how to use Conceptboard successfully in your team

  • Board History allows you to view and restore previous versions of the board.
  • Which actions can be performed by which access role? Here we have provided an overview for you.
  • Depending on the access role on a board, you have a selection of tools at your disposal with which you can edit, change and move content.


You want to improve your collaboration skills around Conceptboard? Then attend our free and official basic training The training includes not only the basics of the operation, but also reveals a variety of tips and tricks in dealing with elements, modules and templates. No matter how you use Conceptboard, our training will take you further. Our basic training is aimed at beginners and advanced users are also welcome. Secure your place now and register directly.


3. Icons/Symbols

Work visually and facilitate mutual understanding through our numerous icons. Here you will find a small selection:

 4. Blog

For more inspiration and explanations of selected use cases, templates and success stories, check out our blog.

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