Table of Permitted Actions on Boards

User rights on boards are defined by an Access Role per user and board. Available roles are Editor, Reviewer and Reader:

  • Editors are regular participants that have full access.
  • Reviewers see a feedback-optimized toolset and can only edit own content.
  • Readers have read-only access.

In addition users may also be the board owner, giving them full access and some extra management functionality.

For detailed instructions on how to configure the roles, please see Board Access Roles. Please also note that some functionality in the table below may not be available depending on the license type of the board's owner (e.g. marked as pro).

In case a board is locked (e.g. due to a pending approval or on an archived board), user rights of all users regarding "Participate in live sessions" and "Working within the board" are reduced to Reader rights.


Action Board Owner Board
Board Reviewer Board Reader
Participate in Live Sessions        
Receive live updates while others are working
User Cursors
Moderator Mode (pro)
Video Conference (pro)
Send Chat Messages  
Set a Timer    
Working within the board        
Inserting and uploading content  
Adding new comments, scribbles, shapes, text, links, etc... 1  
Editing comments, scribbles, shapes, text, links, etc... 2  
Creating tasks and changing the task status  
Answering in tasks and comments  
@mentions and assigning tasks to users 3 3 3  
Creating and editing sections 4  
Export and integrations        
Exporting content and downloading attachments    
Managing attachments and exports 5  
Linking the board to Google Drive6
Board Management        
Sharing boards, managing participants, and their roles 7 7 7
Posting a status update to a board  
Performing the approval in an approval process   8 8 8  
Starting and cancelling an approval process    
Change board name    
Changing board background color     
Move board into or from a project 9    
Archive and unarchive a board 9    
Lock and unlock a board  ✓9    
Duplicating a board   ✓  ✓    
Deleting a board       
Leave a board   10 10 10


  1. Reviewers have a limited toolset: Scribble tool, highlighter, comments, and sticky notes.
  2. Owner and editor can edit all board content except the actual comment text from other users. Reviewers can only edit their own content.
  3. For @mention and task assignment, you have to be logged in with your account. You can select from all your contacts within Conceptboard.
  4. Reviewers do not have edit access to the outline, although they may indirectly add new sections to the outline, e.g. by inserting a document whose pages are transformed into sections automatically. They can remove these sections by removing the outline toggle on the newly inserted elements.
  5. Reviewers do not have edit access to a board's attachment. They may, however, add attachments indirectly by inserting new content.
  6. For integrations, a third party account has to be connected within the user's profile.
  7. Depending on the board's access management settings, the board can be shared via sharing the link, or editors may help the board's owner to administrate a board's participants. For more information, click here.
  8. All users to approve or request changes in an approval process need to be assigned specifically when starting the process.
  9. Editors are able to move the board, if participant management is also allowed for them (default). Otherwise they could add new participants by moving the board to a shared project (click here for more information).
  10. If you are a project member, you cannot leave individual boards within a project.
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