Board History and Versioning

The board history gives you a complete overview of all board activity. Any change or update you or a board participant have ever made can be reviewed and restored. 

This allows you to have instant access to previous versions of the board. You can easily reference, compare, and export previous board iterations, and have complete access to your entire creative process.  

How to Access the Board History


To view the board history, you must be an Editor on the board. Open the board and choose "Open board history" in the Board menu. It will open in a new tab, allowing you to review and compare the current board with a past iteration. 

In the Board History you can:


  • Play/pause the board history
  • Speed up the board playback (1x-4x)
  • All workflow board updates are saved as markers on the board history timeline
  • See the active board participants at that point in time
  • Get more info about the board participants by clicking on their user icon
  • Turn off "Zoom to fit" to focus on a particular area of the board
  • Restore a version of a previous board

Moving in the Board History is the same as in the board. Check the Navigating the Board article to see how you can pan/zoom in the board if you need a refresher. 

Restoring a Board 

Ways you can use the board history restore feature: 

  • If someone accidentally deleted board content and needs to bring it back
  • If you created a template and didn't create a master copy right away


Once you have found the point in the board history you would like to restore, you can click the "Restore this version" button. 

Give the board a new name and click on "copy board". Once the new board has been created you can either open it, or close the notification. Your board will still be available from your boards overview if you click "close". 

If the initial board was already in a project, the copied version is also created in the same project. Make sure to check the board access management in the Share dialog to make sure all the right people have access to the board. 

Bookmarking Important Events in the Board History


You can mark important decisions, iterations, and moments in your board's progress by posting a board update in the Workflow dialog. The text you post in the update will be visible in the board history as a dot marker on the timeline. 


Copy objects from Board History

Copy from history.gif

It’s possible to copy one object, or multiple objects, from the board's history and paste it on the board. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open board history
  2. Press Play
  3. Pause the video when the object you wish to copy is displayed
  4. Select the object and press CMD/CTRL + C to copy. To select multiple objects, hold SHIFT/CMD and click on each object or draw a selection area around all objects
  5. Exit board history and press CMD/CTRL + V to paste to the center of the board viewport.
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