Board Tools

Depending on the role you have within a board, you have a set of tools at your disposal to mark-up, change, and move content: Board Access Roles.

As an Editor, you can use all of the Conceptboard tools. As a Reviewer, you only have access to certain tools to be used for editing content and giving feedback. As a Reader, you do not have access to any of the tools on the board.

All your tools are located on the top toolbar. As you select a tool, more options will be shown in a floating toolbar close to the element. The floating toolbar initially shows the visual design properties for an element (background colour, border etc.). You can add and modify text by clicking on the text options. Click on the dot menu on the right side to find all action properties related to an element (e.g. delete, foreground/background, group).

Whenever you create an element by mistake, click on the trash can icon in the floating toolbar, or click outside of it or hit escape and click Command + Z on your keyboard to delete it quickly.

Zoom Tool Z


By default you can zoom in and out of the board by scrolling with the mouse wheel or trackpad. You can also use the zoom tool to select an area, or the drop down menu to select a zoom percent. You can press Shift and use the trackpad scroll/mouse wheel to pan around the board.

If you prefer to pan around the board, you can change the default zoom behaviour for a board. Uncheck the "Scroll to zoom" in the zoom menu. By default you will now pan around the board, and you will have to press Shift to zoom.

To learn more about how to move around in a board, click here.

Browse Tool M

The browse tool allows you to move around the board, just by clicking anywhere and dragging the board.

In any tool mode, press and hold Spacebar while dragging to move around the board without having to switch tool modes.

Select Tool S


You can use the Select tool to:

  • Select, resize, and slice elements on the board
  • Pin elements to the board or add them to the board outline
  • Select multiple items to move, group, align, or delete
  • Double click to change the text in any Comment, Shape or Sticky Note.
  • To select pinned items, double click or hit Shift and click

Pinning Items to the Board


All elements are created unpinned with the option to be pinned. Sections are already created pinned.
There are different options to select a pinned item in order to unpin it and then edit the item: You can double click on a pinned item, use the selection tool to draw a selection area around the desired area or simply press Shift while clicking on the item.

Object Alignment


Select multiple items on your board and choose the Object alignment in the floating toolbar to align them the way you want. You have different alignment options, including a grid layout where you choose the number of columns and rows you want.

Crop Images


You can easily crop images: Select the image, you want to crop. Use the crop-handle and move it to crop the image the way you like.


Erase Tool E

Using the erase tool, you can click to erase any item on the board. Click on the Erase tool via the drop down of the Select took or press E on your keyboard. On the iPad, select the erase tool and drag your finger back and forth across all the elements you want to erase.

Scribble Tool P


Use the scribble tool to mark up your content, and sketch out ideas directly on the board. You can change the line width, type of line, and line color via the options in the toolbar.

Hold Shift while using the pen tool to draw straight lines.

Highlight Tool X


Use the highlight tool to highlight on top of your content.

Line Tool L and Arrow Tool A


Click and drag the size of the line you need. You can change the color, size, and type (solid, dashed, dotted) from the floating toolbar options while the line is selected, otherwise switch to the select tool and select it again to make changes.

All lines can be changed into an arrow with just one click. To create an arrow from scratch, select the arrow tool in the shape library. Click and drag the size of the arrow you need. You can change the color, size, and type (solid, dashed, dotted) from the floating toolbar menu options while the arrow is selected. Alternatively switch to the 'select' tool and select it again to make changes. In addition, you can switch the direction of the arrow head or make it a double arrow.

Shapes U,O


Conceptboard offers the opportunity to create different kinds of Shapes. To create a shape, select the Shape icon in the main toolbar. The drop down menu shows all the possible Shapes that you can create:

  • Rectangle U
  • Rounded Rectangle 
  • Racetrack
  • Oval O
  • Triangle
  • Play Triangle
  • Orthogonal Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Parallelogram
  • Hexagon
  • Signal in Arrow
  • Chevron in Arrow
  • Block Arrow
  • Double Block Arrow
  • Cloud
  • Explosion

You can create a shape with a single click or by clicking and dragging the size of the shape you need. Change the color, type (no fill, translucent, opaque) and add text to the Shape from the floating toolbar options while the element is selected, otherwise switch to the Select tool and select it again to make changes. When changing the line width, the type is always reset to no fill. You can add text to every shape. When the shape is selected, press enter to edit or add text to the shape or activate text options in the floating toolbar. Text in a shape is automatically added as a title of the object in the outline.

Sticky Note Tool n


Select the sticky note tool and click anywhere on the board to create a sticky note. Type or paste text and click outside of it when you are done. To edit, click the 'edit' icon or double click on the text box. You can change the sticky note color, font color, size, and alignment.

All sticky notes can be included in your board sections outline by clicking on the 'outline' icon.

Hint: If you need to export a board with CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) scripts please switch the font to Arial first in text boxes, sticky notes, or headlines.

Text Box Tool T


Click anywhere on the board or click and drag to create a text box. Text boxes are created without borders and fill. When selected, you can change the text box to any shape you like. Type or paste text and click outside of it when you are done. If the shape is selected, you can immediately start typing. Alternatively hit enter to add text or activate text options in the floating toolbar. You can change the text color, font, size and alignment.

The text written in a shape is used to automatically generate a title for this shape when it is added to the board Outline. Click here for more information about the Board Outline.

Comment Tool C


Create a Comment

  • Click and drag to create a comment. Make sure the arrow points to something useful as comment alerts from @mentions include a small image preview.
  • Type '@' and a user’s name to @mention them in the comment and send them an alert.
  • Hover over a comment and click the task button to mark it as a task. Any @mentioned users will have the task assigned to them.

Remove a Comment 

  • Made a comment by mistake? Click outside of it or hit escape and click Command + Z on your keyboard.
  • To delete the whole comment, select it, and hit Delete or Backspace on the keyboard.
  • To delete only your comment, click edit, select all, and hit delete/backspace on your keyboard. Click save. An empty comment box automatically disappears.

Collapse Finished Comments

Once a decision has been made or a task is ready to be assigned, collapse the comment via the right up arrow on the bottom of the comment box. This will leave only the initial task and final decision visible and let's you see which conversations are finished while reducing the number of elements on top of your content.

It doesn’t matter how long your discussions get, it’s always good to be able to revisit a complete conversation and see the thought process behind a decision.

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