Users page for Internal & External Users


Your users page button is located in the left hand panel of your home page or boards page. 

Icons and Tags explained


As an internal or external user, your Users page will show you all your "My contacts" list and your "My team" list. 

All of your contacts in the "My contacts" list will be listed with: 

  • User name
  • Email (only members of the same team see each other's email addresses)
  • Team
  • Activation status: If the user has a blue envelope next to their name, this means that they have activated their email address and are able to receive notifications via email. If the user has a grey envelope next to their name, they have not activated their email and will not be able to receive any notifications via email. 

The "My team" list shows additionally the role:

  • Role: All Pro users will be categorized as an administrator, internal user, or external user. 

What is an Internal and External User?

Internal users are members of your team that are within your company. They will be able to see administrators, other internal users, and external users. They do not have the same rights as an administrator. 

External users are members of your team that are external to your company, such as: clients, suppliers, or partners. External users will only be able to see administrators and internal users. They will not be able to see other external users. This means that if you are working with multiple clients, you can have them all on your team and they will not be able to see each other.

Note: The team option including internal or external users is only available for professional accounts.

My Contacts Tab

When clicking on the Users page, you will find the “My Contacts” page. Here you can list all your personal contacts.


When being on a board, you can @mention people in comments. After typing the "@" symbol a drop-down overview of your contact list and the board members will appear. You can keep typing the members name in order to narrow down your search. If you're looking for a team member that is not part of the board yet, a "Search in whole team" option will appear to let you look for the person. Please note: @mentioning a team member in a comment who is not part of the board yet, will automatically add them as a board participant.

There are multiple ways to add contacts to your “My contacts” list:

·   Invitation to a board
·   Invitation to your team
·   Invitation to a project

These kinds of invitations add a contact automatically to your contact list and vice-versa.

Ways to Add Contacts manually

In the Team Directory


  1. Find them by their name or email address
  2. Click on the dotted menu on the right-hand side
  3. Add to contacts


In the Board


Click on the user’s icon in the board participant list in the Share dialog, or in the board overview and get more information about the users. Then click the button “Add to contacts” to add them to your contact list.

My Team Tab


When clicking on the Users page, you will also find the ‘My team’ page. On this page, you will see all the users that are currently on your team and the roles they have. Your team members can have 3 different roles: 

  1. Administrator: The administrator can make changes to the account for the team. They can also invite and remove users from the team. They can see administrators, internal users, and external users in their contacts. 
  2. Internal user: The internal user will be able to see administrators, external users, and other internal users in their contacts. 
  3. External user: The external user will be able to see administrators and internal users, but you will not see other external users. 

You can view all administrators, internal users, or external users individually by clicking on each tab.

Open Invitations Tab


All invitations sent out but not yet confirmed will be located in this tab. You can resend an invitation if needed or revoke it if needed.

Invite Users Link


If you would like to invite users to your team, internally or externally, click on the "Invite users" button in the top right corner of the Users page or Home page. Once the dialog box is open, you can invite a person as:

  • A team member (administrator or internal)
  • An external member (clients, customers, etc…)

Once you have chosen the correct role, enter an email address and click on the Send invitation(s) button.

Please note, a request for adding an internal or external team member will first be sent to the administrator of your team. Once the administrator approves it, then the invitation will automatically be sent.  

Removing a Contact


To remove someone from your "My contacts" list is very simple. Click on the dotted menu on the right-hand side and click on the "Remove from contacts" button. 



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