Users Page for Free Users

Your users page button is located in the left-hand panel of your screen.

Icons and Tags explained


As a free user, your users page will show your "My contacts" list with all users that you have worked with in Conceptboard. 

Each of your contacts in the "My contacts" will be listed with: 

  • User name
  • Email (only members of the same team see each other's email addresses)
  • Team
  • Activation status: If the user has a darkened envelope next to their name, this means that they have activated their email address and are able to receive notifications via email. If the user has an envelope with (!) next to their name, they have not activated their email and will not be able to receive any notifications via email. 

What is a Free User

As a free user, you have all of the basic features that you need to work in Conceptboard. Our free accounts can create as many boards as needed, and work with anyone - from anywhere. Learn more about Free Account Limits here. 

You can work with others in a board but you cannot be part of a team or add other users to your team. If you need more than the free plan can offer, you can upgrade your account for unlimited objects and additional pro features on your boards. To experience Conceptboard's full professional experience features, try out our Free 30-day Trial!

My Contacts Tab


All users that you have worked with will be listed as a personal contact in the "My contacts" tab. These users are your personal contacts that you have either shared a board with or @mentioned them in a board, or vice-versa. 

Removing a Contact 


To remove someone from your "My contacts" list is very simple. Click on the dotted menu on the right-hand side and click on the "Remove from contacts" button. 

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