Free Account limits

Our free accounts can create as many boards as they need, and work with anyone, from anywhere. If you need more than the free plan can offer, you can upgrade your account for unlimited objects and additional pro features on your boards. 

The board limits are depending on who is the 'board owner'. This means that the board limitations also apply to you if you are a pro user who is working on a board from a free user. 

How to Tell what Type of Board you are on


If you're on a free board, "Free account" will be visible above the board name. If the board belongs to a user on a pro team, the team's name is shown above the board name.
Also a object counter which counts the number of objects on the board is shown in the toolbar if you are on a free board.

You can always find the board owner in the "Share dialog". 

The following limitations apply to free boards:

50 Objects per Board

Free boards can contain 50 objects (uploads, shapes, and text items… we're not counting scribbles, lines, or hand writing). You can see your object count in the toolbar. 
When you reach the limit, a popup alerts all board participants, and then you can upgrade for unlimited board objects, or move work to a new board to continue working. 
Board Owners and Editors can then:

Reader Guests

There can be an unlimited amount of Guests on a free board however these Guests may only view the board with the Reader access role. To leave comments and collaborate, a guest must create a free Conceptboard account, which they can quickly create directly from the board itself.
Once they've joined your board, they will access it with the default board access role (Reviewer), and you can change their access role to Editor if you need to. 

Board Access Management: Anyone with the Link

Free boards have a single type of board access: "Anyone with the link".
Board URLs are private to the board owner, who can then share the URL link with others. 
The default access role is Reviewer, which allows anyone accessing directly via the link to add comments, sticky notes, and scribbles, as well as their own uploads, but they can't make any changes to other's content on the board.
You can change the default access role as well as an individual user's access from the Share dialog. Please note that guests may only enter as Readers. 
Pro boards have the option to switch their board access to "Anyone with the link and password" and "Specific Users", which disables guest access for the board. Learn more about board access management.
They may also change the default board access and access management for their team, for example setting it for their team boards to "Specific Users" and Editor access. 

Additional Pro Features 

In addition to unlimited objects the following features are only available when upgrading to a pro account:
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