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Conceptboard’s app for Microsoft Teams allows you to embed boards into your Microsoft Teams channels. Keep your entire team on track and collaborative easily from the spaces where you get your daily work done. Available for all Conceptboard plans.

Install the app

Find the Conceptboard app in the Microsoft Teams marketplace.

Important note: Your tenant or organization Admin may need to first allow the Conceptboard app within your available 3rd party apps for your organization. Until the app is Admin allowed, it may not be listed among the apps available to you in the marketplace.

Click "Add to a team" to install the app, and choose a team. 


Embedding boards into Microsoft Teams

You can embed boards into a Microsoft Teams channel by creating a new tab.


Find Conceptboard in the app list and select it.


The first time you use the app you'll be prompted to login to Conceptboard:

Once you login, you will see a board picker that allows you to select any board that is shared with your Conceptboard account. Create a new board or choose an existing board to save as a tab in MS Teams. 


You can set the sharing settings from the board share dialog, and choose the default role someone should access with: 


Once the board is embedded, your channel members can start interacting with the board right away. They will see the board welcome page and will be able to login or enter as a guest (depending on the access setting you have set for the board). 

Pro Users (Requesting board access)

If you prefer to have your boards shared with the access setting "Specific Users", you can use the new board access requests to grant channel users access to the board. 

Once a board is embedded in an MS Teams tab, channel users can login to Conceptboard and will see the option to request board access. Once you've approved their access they can collaborate on the board as normal.  

Uninstalling the app

The app can be uninstalled in Microsoft Teams by clicking on "Manage team" in the subtab "Apps."   You can uninstall the app either for yourself or for the team if you are an Admin. mceclip0.png


1. Does each channel member need to have a Conceptboard account to view embedded boards in Microsoft Teams?

  • If you choose the board access setting "Anyone with the link", guest access is allowed. Users can then enter the board via their Conceptboard account or as a guest by just entering their name. A Conceptboard account is not required in this case.
  • If you set the board to the setting "Specific Users" (pro accounts), then only registered users who have been invited to the board in Conceptboard will be able to access the board.

2. How do I change my Conceptboard language?

  • To change the language settings for your boards, simply click on your profile picture in the top right corner of your board. Select "Edit profile" to access your profile settings.


  • Now you can set your preferred language (English/German), click "Save all changes" and your board language will be changed.



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