How to Offboard Users from Your Team

In general, setting up a team account involves adding and inviting users to be part of your team. In the process of license management, one action an admin also does is removing user(s) from the team.

Within this case, in compliance with our GDPR settings, the control of the team license management is handled autonomously by the team administrator(s).

Removing user(s) from the team can be done by either downgrading or deleting the user account. Decisions as to how to remove user(s) from the team rely on the following important considerations: 

  •  Board access and retention

In this section, the team admin would like to offboard an employee and aims to ensure the board property is transferred accordingly to the rightful owner.

The team ensures that the property of company boards is properly maintained by the organization. By doing so, rightful users (administrators and internal users) should be provisioned with the board access. Therefore, we suggest that transferring the company board ownership to the rightful successor (e.g. project owner, internal user, or team admin) is necessary and a must. 

On removing employee(s) from the team account, for best practices, we recommend team admin(s) to set up the communication beforehand to the offboarding employee regarding the removal of his/her account from the team. This communication gives the offboarding user(s) time to prepare necessary company board transfer.  In this way, accidental deletion of boards and loss of data / information will be prevented and thus, the content will still be accessible. 

  •  License management

The team admin can already equip f.ex. the successor beforehand with a license to ensure the boards are transferred in time.

Technical Tips for transferring board ownership 

Please take note that the owned boards on the project level or board level should first of all be shared to fellow colleagues as editors.

Tip for an easy handover of the boards:

We suggest to place your owned boards to a new project, share the project to your colleagues (admin or internal users) as editors, and transfer the project ownership to one of the shared editors (if possible already to the successor). 

Go to the "Boards Overview", click the dropdown on the display menu and select "Owned by me"



There are three ways on how the offboarding user can transfer the board ownership to the next rightful successor: 

  1.  Boards belong to a project - transfer ownership via "Board Settings": click the 3-dot menu, select "Settings", click the edit icon next to the board owner's name, and select the new owner. Offboard_2.pngOffboard_7.pngOffboard_3.png
  2.  Owned project - share the project to colleague(s), transfer project ownership by pressing the "Project Settings", and click the "edit" icon next to the project owner's name. Now you can select the new successor.Offboard_4.pngOffboard_5.pngOffboard_6.png
  3. For private boards, share the board link to your colleagues first. Editors with access to the board can also make a duplicate / copy via "Board Settings" (then they are owners of the duplicate project / board). 
  4. For editors it is also possible to export a board as PDF to retain the information.

Tips & templates for internal communication

1. Admin offboarding communication towards the leaving user: 

Dear (name),

your Conceptboard license will end on (date) and with that your account and all private boards will be deleted.

Please make sure that your colleagues have access as editors or owner to all the boards, projects and information required to complete a smooth transition. Furthermore, please let us know if (amount) week(s) is enough time for you.

For further guidance on how to transfer boards to another account or grant access through a project read here (offboarding article link).

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,



2. Admin onboarding communication towards the new successor:

Dear (name),

you will be receiving a Conceptboard license on (date) while your predecessors license will end on (date).

Please make sure that by then you or your colleagues were granted access as editors or owner to all the boards, projects and information required to complete a smooth transition. 

For further guidance on how to duplicate a board or export a board as PDF follow the links. If your predecessor is unsure on how to grant you the correct access rights, feel free to go through this article together.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,



Offboarding when Single Sign-On (SSO) is activated

Please note the following when SSO is activated for your team: as soon as a user is removed from your AD group, they no longer have access to their Conceptboard account. Therefore, it is important to follow all offboarding procedures as described above before removing the user from your AD group. 

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